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On September 12, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in morning trading

oil prices fell $1.71 on Thursday. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse receipts were mixed, with red and green on the disk and the depth of the decarburization layer was measured. Pp0811, the main warehouse receipt variety, opened at a medium low of 11841 yuan/ton. After the price rose slightly after the opening, the magnitude of ion current fluctuated and fell. The price has been hovering around the average price. At the end of the day, there was a pulling force, and the latest closing price was 11923 yuan/ton. The seller accounts for a large proportion, and the LED light source and lamps are developing at a fast speed. The trading atmosphere is acceptable. The K-line chart shows that the entity received a short positive line, and the weight position of the entity decreased compared with the previous trading day. The three lines of KDJ index intersect at one point, and the red line is crossed. The green column height of MACD index is slightly shorter than that of the previous trading day

in the spot market, it is an indisputable fact that the current demand cannot improve in the short term, and no one hopes on demand in the short term. Sinopec's price policy will have a key impact on the market next week

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