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Yuchai's "one-to-one" team sub activity realizes the help of no chance docking

Yuchai's "one-to-one" team sub activity realizes the help of no chance docking

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Guide: Tao Tuzhi, an employee of Guangxi Yuchai Power Machinery Co., Ltd., was disabled due to brain injury in a car accident in February 2010 and is still in rehabilitation treatment. He is unable to go to work, costs a lot and lives a difficult life. This year, what moved him was that he Weiliang, the chairman of the trade union of the company, often came to see him and gave him care and warmth to help

Tao Tuzhi, an employee of Guangxi Yuchai Power Machinery Co., Ltd., was disabled due to head injury in a car accident in February, 2010. He is still in rehabilitation treatment, and is unable to work. It costs a lot, and life is very difficult. Since this year, he Weiliang, the chairman of the trade union of the company, has often come to see him, sent him care and warmth, helped him solve many difficulties and problems in life, and sent him condolence money and goods during New Year holidays. Like Tao Tuzhi, there are also more than 100 employees who are in trouble due to illness or family accidents. They have the honor to become the objects of the "one-on-one" support team activity launched by the trade union of Yuchai group this year

go to the front line, listen to demands and send warmth. Since this year, the trade union of Yuchai group has actively responded to the requirements of the all China Federation of trade unions to carry out the activity of "face-to-face, considerate and practical service for workers at the grass-roots level" in the national trade union system. In combination with the fact that the electrical interference of instruments instigated by Yuchai is often random and symmetrical, the trade union of Yuchai group has launched a "one-to-one" pairing activity in which a trade union cadre helps a worker in extreme poverty

in the "one-on-one" helping team building activities, Yuchai trade union showed its own brand characteristics. First of all, it began with trade union cadres, including all trade union cadres and workers, grass-roots trade union chairmen, and women workers' directors, reflecting the high awareness and overall situation awareness of trade union cadres; "Extremely poor workers" refer to workers who have special difficulties in life due to major diseases and sudden disasters. Through the "one-on-one" help team forming activities, we have realized the matchless docking of assistance

over the past six months, the activities of helping and pairing up have achieved remarkable results. Trade union cadres have visited the workers with difficulties through face-to-face exchanges, door-to-door visits, holiday condolences, interviews and other forms with the workers with difficulties in groups, and have actually realized the "four assistance" of trade union cadres to the workers with special difficulties. The first is to help people think. That is to make friends with employees in difficulties sincerely, listen to the voice sincerely, truly reflect their wishes, and release the ideological burden of employees. Second, help the doctor. That is, when the staff and their family members in need of medical treatment encounter difficulties, they should try their best to give help so that they can be treated. The third is to help children enter school and obtain employment. When the children of difficult workers encounter difficulties in entering school, they should try their best to help them solve their difficulties in entering school and ensure that the children of difficult workers can enter school on time. At the same time, we will help workers with difficulties solve the employment problem of their children. Fourth, help solve problems. That is, when difficult employees encounter difficulties and problems in daily life and work, they should extend a warm hand and sincerely solve their suffering

through the activities of helping and pairing, the trade union cadres have gained experience and growth, stimulated the vitality of the trade union, deepened their feelings with employees, and promoted the harmonious development of the enterprise. More importantly, let the trade union cadres perform the test with high accuracy, realize the automation of the process, and do a good job of the "four first people", namely, the first insider, the first helper, the first reporter and the first person, so as to timely understand and master the ideological status, family status and difficult situation of the difficult workers, understand their thoughts, thoughts and expectations, achieve the filing and assistance in place, and help the difficult workers at any time, Send the warmth of the company to their hearts in time

"one-on-one" helping and pairing activities are the epitome of Yuchai's innovative development assistance work in recent years. Over the years, the Yuchai senior management team with Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, as the core, has been very concerned about and cared for employees, attached great importance to the work of the trade union, and required the trade union to truly play its role in safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, promote democratic management, and strive to do well the difficult things that employees care about, the facts welcomed by members, and the good things recognized by the masses. The "one-on-one" assistance and twinning activity between trade union cadres and extremely poor workers is an important measure for the trade union of Yuchai group to go deep into the grass-roots level, approach the workers and change the style of work. The leaders of the group are very satisfied with the results of the activity

over the years, the trade union of Yuchai group has actively played the role of the trade union, made bold innovations, took the construction of a harmonious Yuchai as the goal, centered on the production and operation center of the enterprise, served the overall situation, and paid solid attention to the assistance of groups such as difficult workers, single parent families, retired workers, and their children's scholarships, student aid and other work. Yuchai also continues to innovate new measures to help employees, and is willing to pay attention to employee health, improve and develop a multi-level medical security system. At present, Yuchai has a special fund for the relief of employees' difficulties, a special fund for the relief of major diseases, a supplementary insurance fund for mutual assistance of employees, a scholarship and student aid fund for employees' children, a Yan Ping love scholarship fund, etc., to provide assistance, relief and condolences to employees, and to provide students and scholarships for employees' children to go to school. The assistance work of Yuchai trade union has formed a "Yuchai characteristic" assistance brand after years of practice. Provide timely assistance to the working families who have special difficulties in life due to major natural disasters, traffic accidents or serious diseases. Yuchai staff and workers' children who have been officially admitted to the first and second full-time colleges and universities of the state and have excellent academic performance and family financial difficulties will be given scholarships and student aid funds. Third, establish a "love supermarket" for employees to subsidize the children of poor employees of the company. Fourth, organize employees to purchase medical mutual aid insurance for employees of the Federation of trade unions of the autonomous region, and the insurance premium shall be borne by the trade union and the employees themselves, so as to improve the ability of employees to resist serious and serious diseases. Fifth, the laid-off workers are not simply promoted to the society, but find ways to solve the problem of their reemployment. Sixth, pay attention to arranging the employment of employees' children. In 2006, the regulations on the employment management of employees' children of Yuchai group was promulgated and implemented to provide overall guidance for the employment of children of employees in difficulties. Seventh, carry out family services. The labor union of the group company actively practices Yuchai's harmonious humanistic view, adheres to the concept of "fraternity and well-being", uses a broad and inclusive mind, pays close attention to the lives and health of employees with deep humanistic feelings, cares for and cares for employees, and earnestly provides family services and sincere assistance to employees

in addition to providing assistance within the enterprise, the trade union of Yuchai group also actively participates in social activities and public welfare undertakings, helps extend from the enterprise to the society, and consciously performs the corporate social responsibility. Since 2006, the labor union of the group has organized the implementation of the "Spring Bud Plan" to help out out of school girls. From 2006 to 2011, a total of more than 1.3 million yuan was donated by employees to the "Spring Bud Plan", which provides assistance to 500 extremely poor female students in Yulin every year. Some grass-roots trade unions have also formed a helping relationship with the extremely poor students in surrounding schools through the way of "one aid, one or two AIDS, one" to help them in life and study

in May this year, the trade union of Yuchai group won the title of "advanced collective of trade union assistance in the whole region". In this commendation, Yuchai is the only enterprise in Yulin that has won this honor. In the years of innovation and development, the following is part of the summary of the report: Yuchai group has won a number of national honorary titles, such as "national model worker's home", "national advanced unit of professional ethics construction", "national advanced unit of factory affairs publicity", "national model enterprise with harmonious labor relations"

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