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Yuchai Machinery participated in the first China sugarcane mechanization Expo

Yuchai Machinery participated in the first China sugarcane mechanization Expo

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on December 10, 2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo opened in Liuzhou, Guangxi, which is the first special exhibition in the field of sugarcane mechanization in China. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, Li Weiguo, director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of agriculture, Zhang xiulong, vice chairman of the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and relevant leaders and experts in the agricultural machinery industry attended the conference, and visited the Yuchai booth to learn about Yuchai's engine products

wuqiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., introduced Yuchai products to Zhang Taolin (the first four on the right), Zhang xiulong (the first five on the right) and other leaders

this Expo was undertaken by the China Association of agricultural mechanization, the China Association of agricultural machinery industry and the China Association of agricultural machinery circulation, and the Pingquan County agricultural comprehensive technology implementation center. The controllable fully biodegradable mulching film farmland utilization experiment was carried out by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association The National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, China Association of agricultural plastic utilization technology and other experts of the pre meeting were jointly hosted by Liuzhou Municipal People's government, Guangxi Agricultural Mechanization administration and sugar industry development office. As an important professional power supplier in the field of agricultural equipment, Yuchai Co., Ltd. brought three high-end agricultural equipment professional products to the exhibition, showing Yuchai's high-quality green power technology achievements. Hundreds of well-known agricultural machinery enterprises at home and abroad and many sugarcane production and application technology enterprises came to the exhibition with the latest developed products. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, major sugarcane growers, dealers in the Guangxi rim region and customers in foreign sugarcane planting regions came to visit or buy sugarcane mechanization products

at present, the low level of mechanization and high cost of sugarcane production have become the most urgent problems to be solved in China's sugar industry, and Guangxi is the largest sugar production province in China. With the introduction of relevant government incentive policies, the continuous increase of subsidies, and the continuous progress of new product research and development of agricultural machinery enterprises, the use of spectrum shield materials in China has greatly improved the bulletproof performance of bulletproof panels, and sugarcane production has ushered in the transformation and upgrading situation. This time, yc6mk, yc6j and YC6A non Road National three engines exhibited by Yuchai Co., Ltd. are specially developed for large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment, customized according to different uses, and suitable for various products of sugarcane mechanized production, such as sugarcane harvesters, large tractors, excavators and fork loaders. The annual export volume of engines used in Yuchai's supporting sugarcane machines is more than 200. He has mature experience in supporting sugarcane machines. On the large tractors, wheel digging machines and deep tillage and subsoiling integrated machines used in the whole process of sugarcane mechanization, Yuchai's supporting volume has achieved rapid growth, which has contributed to the mechanization of sugarcane production

Wu Qiwei took a group photo with Huang Xiangquan (third from the right), vice president of Liugong, and Cuban customers

during the exhibition, the leaders of Yuchai also had in-depth exchanges with the leaders of key supporting enterprises of Yuchai, such as Zoomlion and Liugong. Zoomlion's products on display this time are powered by Yuchai machine as standard. Wang Jinfu, vice president of Zoomlion, said that in order to make users feel more confident that you can use high-quality and reliable products, Zoomlion and Yuchai have formed a good battle. We must speed up the flow rate of circulating air in the box. Through the combination of strong and strong, we can make customers worry free in the whole process of product use. (this article is from Yuchai)

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