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Yuchai machine marketing service conference reception dinner passion words win-win

Yuchai machine marketing service conference reception dinner passion words win-win

- the experimental speed and height of the experimental machine should be selected according to the performance of the products to be tested. 17 China Construction machinery information

Guide: in the new year, the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center will strengthen the construction of inspection and testing capacity, boost the regional economic development point, and the passion spectrum is new. On the evening of January 15, Yuchai machine 2013 marketing service, the 2017 China Belarus new material industry seminar and the China Belarus industrial park new material project docking meeting were jointly hosted by the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, the China Belarus Industrial Park Management Committee, and the China Belarus Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The General Assembly invitation dinner was held in the Golden Hall of the Holiday Inn Taixu Lake in Hangzhou. More than 1000 Yuchai machine's mainframe factory representatives, dealer representatives, service provider representatives Representatives of accessories dealers participated in the banquet and talked about a win-win situation with passion

a new starting point for the new year and a new chapter of passion. On the evening of January 15, the reception dinner of Yuchai machine 2013 marketing service conference was held in the Golden Hall of Holiday Inn Taixu lake, Hangzhou. More than 1000 representatives of Yuchai machine's OEMs, dealers, service providers and accessories dealers attended the banquet, talking about win-win results with passion

Ning xingyong, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said in his toast that he would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the development of Yuchai. Although we can't change the economic environment, we firmly believe that with the joint efforts of our team, we will achieve the greatest achievements, and let's look forward to it together

for now, let's watch a passionate "fluorescent water drum", which makes everyone feel the breath of spring and the spring of Yuchai

"we are walking on the road, high spirited and high spirited... In the direction of victory." The directors of the new YC service body Council sang the song "we are on the road" with the leaders of Yuchai Co., Ltd. and sales company. The scene was full of enthusiasm and applause

in "you are a big tree", Li Caijuan, an employee of Yuchai, sang a solo enterprise song created by Yuchai for everyone, showing the lush branches and leaves and tenacious vitality of Yuchai

Jiangnan is beautiful, and the dinner performance is full of charm and pleasing to the eye. The girl in the Jiangnan dance "the rain lane of a small town" wanders alone in the long and lonely rain lane with an oil paper umbrella, depicting the delicious scene of the gentle women walking in the rain in the water country of Jiangnan. Jiangnan dance "Jiangnan dream" makes everyone dream of Jiangnan in the flowing melody of poetry and painting

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