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Yuchai logistics has successfully established a core logistics capacity to drive the automobile trade forward

Yuchai logistics has successfully established a core logistics capacity to drive the incision and incision. It should move forward after aging

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recently, the Yuchai logistics core capacity fleet held a grand launching ceremony in Guangzhou, from Haitian, Yibao, Shentong, foyun, Zhongtong, Liuqi More than 100 guests from Dongfeng and other customers and partners attended the ceremony. The delivery ceremony was held at the launch ceremony, and five Chenglong H7 tractors immediately became new members of Yuchai logistics' core transportation capacity

Yuchai logistics successfully established a core logistics capacity to drive the automobile trade forward

it is reported that the business location of Yuchai logistics' core capacity fleet is located in Guangzhou Baiyun logistics park. The basic idea of establishing a core capacity fleet is normal. Improving product quality is just a factor to control the man-machine material method in the production process. On the basis of relatively stable road and business volume, it supports carriers to invest and update vehicles, and the establishment cost is low A large fleet with good image and controlled service, so as to provide customers with better quality and efficient logistics services, and make use of the strong core transport capacity of the large fleet plus high-quality services to promote the development of large customers and large projects. Since 2017, Yuchai logistics has encouraged major carriers to purchase vehicles equipped with Yuchai engines through large fleets, and gradually continue to carry out experiments on other routes, so as to realize the transformation of the transportation capacity of major carriers from the form of integrating social vehicles to the form of self owned vehicles. At the same time, Yuchai logistics has made full use of its source information advantages to vigorously develop the return source of goods on corresponding routes, Improve the energy density of vehicle metal air battery up to 800 wh/kg turnover rate

the fleet with large core transport capacity is not only an important measure for Yuchai system to integrate resources, optimize the industrial chain and improve service quality, but also a bold innovation for Yuchai logistics' business development and business model reform in South China, and also opens up new channels for Yuchai engine sales. Guangzhou core transport team will work closely with Yuchai electromechanical Liuqi sales team to actively guide customers to use Chenglong high-end traction H7 equipped with Yuchai engine

the establishment of Yuchai's core fleet with large transportation capacity is an important symbol of the implementation of Yuchai logistics' strategy of "logistics driving automobile trade", and provides important support for Yuchai group's strategy of "building a logistics service platform"

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