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Yuchai lubricating oil won the "annual excellent design award of lubricating oil factory"

Yuchai lubricating oil won the "annual excellent design award of lubricating oil factory"

China's construction machinery information mostly adopts the slot type machine head

Guide: on April 18, the (2013) annual general evaluation list of China's lubricating oil industry, sponsored by China lubricating oil information and lubricating oil market magazine and specially cooperated with Shanghai e-commerce, A grand award ceremony was held in Sanya, Hainan Province. Major lubricant manufacturers from all over the country transformed the change of resistance into the change of voltage or current through Wheatstone bridge

on April 18, a grand award ceremony was held in Sanya, Hainan Province, sponsored by China Lubricant information and lubricant market magazine, in cooperation with Shanghai e-commerce. The machines were recovered and liquidated by major lubricant brands, base oil additive manufacturers, lubricant dealers, representatives of users, and industry associations More than 300 Chinese and foreign guests, including experts and media, gathered here, which is the largest event in China's lubricant industry this year

with the theme of "innovation, brand, strength and", after public voting in the industry, professional market research and strict evaluation by experts from the Organizing Committee of the general evaluation list, Guangxi Nanning Yuchai Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. stood out from many enterprises applying for the evaluation and won the award of "(2013) excellent design award for lubricating oil factory in China's lubricating oil industry"

Yuchai lubricating oil company, founded in 1995, is a subsidiary of Yuchai group, the "green power capital of China". It is a high-end lubricating oil brand successfully created by engine enterprises. It is a professional company producing and selling high-end lubricating oil. It has always been in the field of engine lubrication in the industry and is committed to meeting the comprehensive lubrication needs of users. Yuchai lubricating oil company is constantly advancing towards the level of specialization and internationalization, and has unique advantages in technology research and development. It has jointly established the "friction and lubrication Institute" with the "National Engineering Laboratory" - Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to realize the "machine oil integration" research and development mode. High quality products come from first-class factory design. Yuchai lubricating oil has a first-class fully automated lubricating oil production line, and adopts DCS central control system, which can realize unmanned packaging production, with a production capacity of 72 barrels/minute. Technological research and development continue to move forward to the international level

in his acceptance speech, the head of Yuchai lubricating oil company said that this time, Yuchai lubricating oil company won the "excellent design award of lubricating oil factory in China's lubricating oil industry". The company is very proud, and at the same time, it also deeply feels the great pressure of national industrial development. "Yuchai lubricating oil company will, as always, adhere to the quality policy of 'leading and applicable, long-term and reliable, green and environmental protection', rely on the industry-leading technology research and development level, combined with processes and high-quality and stable raw material channels, provide users with high-quality lubricating oil products, constantly meet users' diversified lubricating oil needs, and contribute to the development of national industry."

it is reported that the selection activity of "(2013) annual general evaluation list of China's lubricating oil industry" was held at the same time as the 6th China lubricating oil pressure testing machine industry focus summit, also known as electronic pressure testing machine. It is the largest and most influential national selection activity in the lubricating oil industry at present

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