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Interxion launched its second data center in Marseille mrs2

interxion holding NV (nyse: inxn), a leading European operator and cloud neutral hosting data center service provider, today announced that the company has officially launched its second data center in Marseille mrs2 (phase I project)

less than four years after the acquisition of its first data center in Marseille, interxion continued to expand its business in this southern French city. Mrs2, located in the port of Marseille FOS, will meet the growing needs of international connectivity, content providers and cloud platforms. Among them, cloud platforms hope to use Marseille as a hub to provide their services and applications to Europe and even further Africa, the Middle East and Asia

mrs2 is constructed in three phases and will provide customers with 4400 square meters of available space and more than 7mw of available power. The latest phase completed at present includes 700 square meters of available space, while the second phase will provide 1900 square meters of available space, which will be opened in the second quarter of 2019. The capital expenditure associated with the overall construction of mrs2 is estimated to be approximately EUR 76million

the newly enabled data center and MRS1 will improve the park configuration, provide customers with diversified routes, ensure their network flexibility and further expand their capacity

in addition, mrs2 also means that some facilities of Marseilles force port have been renovated, which have long been related to port activities. The data center is located in the former Navy factory, a freyssinet style building that has been empty since the 1990s. The construction of mrs2 is jointly managed by cap ingelec and Cari, a subsidiary of Fayat group

Marseille has become the capital of telecommunications, cloud computing and digital exchange in the Mediterranean region. As the landing point for 13 submarine communication cables, it has significant advantages in terms of geographical location ". These cables (including some cables with a length of more than 20000 km) connect Marseille with dozens of countries, as far as Singapore and China. As a result, the city is a cross connection point between southern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and has become a strategic global hub for data exchange. With the emergence of new submarine cables, this trend continues, which will increase the available network capacity of Marseille

david ruberg, CEO of interxion, said: enabling mrs2 is another important step for interxion to develop Marseille into a digital center. This investment in the central Mediterranean will help us meet the growing needs of customers who want to expand to Marseille to expand their business activities in Europe and enter emerging markets such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia

fabrice coquio, managing director of interxion France, said: mrs2 is a continuation of the facility that interxion started to use when it acquired MRS1 in 2014. Today, I am very proud and honored to start this new data center. The data center is particularly eye-catching because it is located in Marseilles port, and forms the interxion Park in Marseilles together with MRS1. With the arrival of cloud computing and digital media platforms, the number of telecom providers in Marseille has also increased, which proves that Marseille is not only a connection center, but also a content center

Jean Claude Gaudin, chairman of Aix Marseille Provence metropolis, mayor of Marseille and honorary vice chairman of the French Senate, said: we are very proud to participate in the inauguration ceremony of interxion's mrs2 data center. This data center is a supplement to many assets of Aix Marseille Provence in the field composed of one 2000kN vertical cylinder and two horizontal cylinders. These large it server centers that store and process data for enterprises will support the digital transformation of our region. This new site in Marseilles port will play an important role in supporting Marseilles to develop into a global telecommunications, cloud and digital switching center. It reflects the willingness of Aix Marseille Provence region to place the digital field at the core of its development and investment strategy

Mounir mahjoubi, Minister of state for digital affairs under the French Prime Minister, said: the launch of interxion's second data center in Marseille this time is a model for the AIX Marseille region to attract enterprises to invest in forward-looking areas. This infrastructure will help strengthen Marseille as a growing digital centre, where the new uses of connectivity represent a real opportunity for France. Our country has many assets that can be used in the digital field, has excellent start-ups and mature enterprises, and has attracted a large number of foreign investments to adopt high-performance DC servo service systems; High control accuracy. I am glad to see the expansion of this industry in Marseille and Rhone estuary provinces. It is the real driving force for economic growth and long-term job creation. At this time, we should change the jaw opportunity

about interxion

interxion (nyse: inxn) is a leading operator and cloud neutral hosting data center service provider in Europe. It widely serves different customers through 50 data centers located in 11 European countries. The energy-saving data center uniformly designed by interxion can provide a wide range of security and uptime for customers' mission critical applications

with more than 700 connection providers, 21 European Internet switching centers and a large number of leading cloud computing and digital media platforms in its business territory, interxion has created a number of connection, cloud, content and financial centers to cultivate a growing community of interests customer base

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