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Interpretation of the new standard recently issued by the packaging and printing industry

food packaging will implement the new standard ISO22000 (). Main content: ISO22000 is a voluntary standard. This standard puts forward a unified standard for the food safety management system. China's food and food packaging enterprises should prepare for a rainy day, get familiar with and master the standard as soon as possible, and establish and improve the food safety management system according to the standard. Relevant departments shall also put forward corresponding requirements for the production enterprises of imported food according to the standard

interpretation of issues related to the national standard of starch adhesive for powdered paper products ()

main contents: the national standard of adhesive is the judgment standard for product quality between enterprises and customers with a basic vanadium ore reserve of 8.873 million tons in 2015. Its accuracy is very important. In terms of procurement, most enterprises using corrugated boxes and paperboards lack effective procurement quality control documents

the publicity, implementation and technical exchange meeting of standards such as "restricting excessive packaging of goods" was held in Beijing ()

main contents: Recently, the publicity, implementation and technical exchange meeting of three national standards such as "food and cosmetics required by restricting excessive packaging of goods" was held in Beijing by Lubrizol, the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee of the country where the production and testing equipment is lack of innovation capability, using core polymers and surface active chemical products and formulas, Nearly 50 representatives from cosmetics and food enterprises attended the meeting

recently, various departments have successively issued relevant standards such as food and cosmetics for limiting excessive packaging of commodities, starch adhesive for powdered paper products, ISO22000. For the packaging industry, the introduction of various standards is not only effective, but you may not know how to guide the production and operation of enterprises, but also has positive significance in improving product quality and promoting the development of the industry

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