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Exclusive interview with bog Warner: accurate development of electrification drive system

[auto home] recently, bog Warner opened a new factory in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The factory aims to expand the local production capacity of bog Warner hybrid and electric vehicle drive systems in China, and will mainly produce drive motors, P2 motors and 48V starter generators with integrated controllers. After the opening ceremony, the official leaders of borgwana also discussed with the media about the future development in China, including the electrification technology and the market trend

with a history of more than 100 years, borgwana has provided advanced power system solutions for major global automobile manufacturers, and has a leading level in the development and manufacturing of internal combustion engines and related components. With the changes in the automobile market after the completion of the whole test, especially for China's new energy automobile market, Tan Yuesheng, global vice president and President of China of bog Warner, said: "the company focuses on the strategic goal of vehicle drive system. In the future, in addition to providing the original internal combustion engine system solutions, it will also join the development of hybrid and pure electric vehicle drive platforms, so the market will be more open for bog Warner."

while following the rapid growth of China's new energy market, bogwarner predicts that plug-in hybrid vehicles will occupy an increasing share in the new energy vehicle market in the future. Tan Yuesheng said: "the company can provide customers with competitive P2 plug-in hybrid power systems, and from design, production to the entire electronic control system, all can be supplied by bogvanuati preheating (step 2) and purification in the continuous SSP reactor (step 3) are the key steps in the purification efficiency of this process. Bogvanuati has more advantages in integrated services than assembly parts."

"borgwana Wuhan new factory"

for the development trend of automobile electrification, Dr. Stefan demmerle, President and general manager of bog Warner power drive system division, said: "The technology trends in different regions of the world are also different. At present, China's new energy market is more inclined to the development of pure electric vehicles, while North America and Europe pay more attention to hybrid systems. Borgwana can meet the needs of different regions. At the same time, the egeardrive electronic drive transaxle owned by borgwana, combined with the electronic control system, can become a major technical advantage for the next brand."

at the same time, Mr. zhangxianghong, general director of the electric drive product line project of bog Warner power drive system, also said that bog Warner focuses more on the overall efficiency of the drive system. In the future, in the direction of electrification technology, for example, it will develop from the current single motor, egeardrive, to the plug-in hybrid and pure electric integrated drive system, so as to help the whole electrification cooperate more harmoniously from the point of view of fit, To provide a comprehensive efficiency range for electric system assessment, and the goal will be to achieve the best overall efficiency of 96% and 97%

in terms of technology application, BorgWarner also expressed his views on permanent magnet motor and induction motor, which are currently mainly used in pure electric system. Mr. zhangxianghong said that permanent magnet motor often occupies a dominant position at present, mainly because it has high efficiency and comprehensive ability. The induction motor also has the advantage of low cost and is relatively balanced in comprehensive aspects, but it also has some obvious disadvantages, such as low volume, weight and specific power efficiency compared with permanent magnet motor. Therefore, the induction motor does not occupy a major position in the market at present

however, from the perspective of technical development, induction motors also have room for development. When the price of permanent magnet materials continues to rise, the cost performance will gradually weaken, and induction motors will be recognized by the market. For example, Tesla insisted on using induction motors, using copper wires and copper rings for welding, so as to improve the high-speed capacity and efficiency of induction motors. However, the permanent magnet motor has been used in the latest generation of products

the establishment of a new factory in China by bog Warner will also increase cooperation with Chinese new energy vehicle enterprises. As for the R & D relationship, bog Warner said that it will be determined according to the specific needs of the other party. Dr. Stefan demmerle said that, for example, some traditional automobile customers are more concerned about automatic driving at this stage, and may put forward specific requirements for electric drive system to bog Warner. Under such circumstances, bog Warner will not unilaterally lead R & D

as for the new power car manufacturing enterprises, they will not focus too much on the driving problem at present. They will pay more attention to how to meet the customer's interaction needs. In this case, BorgWarner will also lead the research and development of the entire drive system and make delivery. For the suppliers of specific products, such as hybrid drive system, borgwana does not provide the whole system, but only provides subsystem products such as motors, while other subsystems, such as transmission system, will be provided by borgwana's transmission business unit, such as the key parts of P2 transmission based on dual clutch transmission, or be in the charge of other suppliers

Dr. Stefan demmerle also said that in the spare parts suppliers, many enterprises will choose to buy only motors or egeardrive drive transaxles. In this case, the participation of customers in R & D is very important. Because customers need to be responsible for the performance of the whole system, and from this point of view, BorgWarner will provide a complete solution for the whole set of electrified drive system. In new energy vehicles, the egeardrive egear drive has more room to play, because there will be more space in the cabin, unlike the fuel engine cabin, which requires different parts, and the egeardrive egear drive system has more advantages in the modular production of new energy vehicles in the future

finally, bog Warner also talked about its development attitude towards the current domestic emerging car manufacturing enterprises. Mr. Tan Yuesheng said that as a system supplier, whether the customers are new or traditional car enterprises, the current strategy of bog Warner is to do our best to support every customer. The needs of all customers must be supported by localization when the 2000 ton crawler crane exceeds the limit. Bog Warner emphasizes that local leaders are responsible and local employees serve local customers, which is the consistent principle of bog Warner

comments: the development of new energy vehicles in China has entered an explosive stage in 2018. Check whether the bend of the sample is broken. Both traditional and emerging auto companies will compete on the same starting line. The establishment of a new plant in China by Borg Warner will also meet the demand for more localized drive system supply. For example, currently, brands such as Weima automobile are also having close cooperation and supply relations with Borg Warner

on the other hand, more and more traditional parts suppliers are joining in the development of automotive electrification technology, which also shows that the urgency of the development of new energy vehicles has not only rested on automobile brands, but also more technology enterprises will promote the faster and more mature development of the whole industry. (article/Yaojia of auto home)

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