Warmly congratulate Liangge doors and windows for

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Warmly congratulate Liangge doors and windows for successfully entering Meizhou Wuhua, known as Qiandao Lake

March, a season of warm spring and blooming flowers, a season of breeze and drizzle, and a season of life; The wind in March, kneading and brushing, warm and refreshing; The sky in March, never give up, let people close; The sunshine in March, mild and not dry, makes people feel comfortable, accompanied by the murmur of time, comes slowly. Good news from Liangge doors and windows: President Liao of Wuhua in Meizhou, Guangdong Province joined Liangge doors and windows, warmly welcome President Liao to join the Liangge family and start a new chapter in his life. Wuhua is a natural treasure with beautiful mountains and rivers. Its tourism landscape integrating "mountains, water and mud" has become a tourism route with Wuhua characteristics. Mountains, including Qimu mountain, a provincial nature reserve, Shixiong mountain, Hongtu mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Shima mountain, etc; Water, known as "Thousand Island Lake" in Guangdong - Yitang landscape, Qimuzhang waterfall, etc; Mud, including hot mineral mud villa and hot mineral mud bath. It is reported that general manager Liao used to do Xingfa aluminum, and also operated the door and window industry. Due to his recent investigation of the door and window market, he felt that the door and window industry must be better than aluminum in the future development prospects, so he decided to focus on doors and windows. After learning about the top ten brands of doors and windows online for four months, President Liao decided to visit Liangge doors and windows after careful consideration. After visiting the exhibition hall and factory, President Liao was very satisfied with the production scale and products of Liangge doors and windows, especially after listening to sun Jingli's marketing explanation and the demonstration of supporting terminal sales system. Finally, President Liao decided to join Liangge doors and windows. At the same time, I also wish president Liao a prosperous business and rise step by step

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