Seven invisible killers of wooden floor in life

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In recent years, the paving of wood flooring is very popular, and it has also become an indispensable procedure for household decoration. However, due to some external reasons, there are many quality defects. In the end, what "killers" may damage wood flooring in household life? Please pay attention to see clearly:

1 Insects: the floor will not produce termites under high temperature and high pressure in the production process, but the external insects and ants may come in due to the environment itself during construction. If such things happen, please spray insecticides to remove insects

2. Corrosive agent: avoid using all kinds of chemicals on the floor. If you accidentally sprinkle them on the floor, please wipe them as soon as possible

3. Chemicals: if the floor is polluted by solutions such as hair dye and shoe polish, it is difficult to remove it. Avoid using chemical reagents to wipe the floor, otherwise the floor will produce bleaching

4. Water: due to the natural characteristics of wood, it will expand in case of water and moisture

5. Light: due to the nature of wood itself, wooden floors cannot be exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a long time. If necessary, curtains and other sunshades should be used to shield them

6. Furniture weight: when furniture, dining tables, chairs are moved or chairs with rollers are used, the floor is easy to be scratched. It should be handled with care and cushioned on the feet of furniture, tables and chairs to prolong the service life of the floor

7. High temperature items: try to avoid placing heaters or other heating appliances directly on the floor

combined with the current situation of the use of wood flooring in life, wood flooring experts have given the above "invisible killers" of the quality problems of wood flooring. I hope that the majority of users can be vigilant against these phenomena and make their own wood flooring longer and more warm





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