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It is a key step to make a good budget before the construction of concealed hydropower projects, which is related to the construction materials, design, personnel selection and so on. So what should we do to make a good budget

there are two prices for water and circuit transformation: slotting and slotting. Some decoration teams subdivide the slotting price into two prices: slotting for non bearing walls and slotting for bearing walls. We must discuss the prices of different projects in advance. Before the water and electricity transformation, the owner should discuss the price with the construction party, including the price of two wires and one wire in one pipe, how much is a cassette, etc

1. Waterway

generally speaking, most construction companies tell you that the price of two wires for one pipe is the same as that of two wires for one pipe after the construction is completed. In other words, if you slot and bury a pipe, one wire in it is 30 yuan/meter, while if you also open a slot, there is only one pipe in it, but there are two wires in the pipe, but the price is 60 yuan/meter. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. In this way, you can spend thousands of silver casually. Obviously, such a billing method is unreasonable. When one pipe passes through two wires, the cost of slotting and threading is the same, and only the cost of the extra wire should be added

2. In terms of circuit

each switch socket needs to be equipped with a cassette. If you can, you'd better buy the cassette yourself. Please report the installation fee to the decoration team. A cassette supermarket sells for oneortwo yuan, while the construction party often quotes more than ten yuan, so ordinary families will spend hundreds of yuan more casually

3. Strictly review the budget against the drawings

before signing the decoration contract, ask the designer to show the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the possible quantities of telephone line transformation, power socket transformation, switch panel transformation, waterway transformation, cable TV line transformation and network cable transformation according to the drawings, and calculate the reasonable expenses to avoid excessive additional expenses





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