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From the perspective of schneiman, as a wardrobe or overall home customization has not been done thoroughly, it is problematic to split the second front on the basis of intensive cultivation, so make bold assumptions and carefully verify

take off 2013, full bloom 2014. New year, new starting point. New goals, new hopes. Sniman Wardrobe "in full bloom 2014" dealer conference was held in Phoenix Hotel, country garden, Foshan, Guangdong Province on March 28, 2014. More than 600 sniman dealers jointly looked forward to a new blueprint for the future. The home hotline followed the whole process, and sat closely with xinfumin, chairman of sieneman wardrobe, and Huang Weiguo, deputy general manager of operation and general manager of marketing, to interpret sieneman's "2014" for us

xinfumin, chairman of sieneman wardrobe (left), Huang Weiguo, deputy general manager of operation and general manager of marketing (right)

reporter: what is the product trend of sieneman in 2014

Mr. Xin: in 2014, Schneider Mann went all the way to formaldehyde free and zero formaldehyde online product promotion. Schneider Mann has always been at the forefront of environmental protection home, and has always advocated this concept, because making products must be based on the health of the people. It is irresponsible for consumers to sleep with dozens of kilograms of formaldehyde every day. In 2014, Schneider Mann held high the banner of environmental protection

reporter: what are the actions in terms of channels

president Xin: in terms of channels, we should focus on expanding dealers, appropriately increase the density of investment attraction to county-level cities, and welcome dealers from county-level cities to join Schneider Mann

Reporter: are there any requirements for the number of dealers

president Xin: there are no quantitative requirements, but there are qualitative requirements

reporter: what are the specific plans to become a big dealer

president Xin: just like a person running, short running fast and long running far depend on a person's physical differences, such as natural short legs and natural long legs. This requires us to improve the dealer system and physical quality. In terms of system, manufacturers and dealers are integrated. Since they are becoming bigger, first of all, dealers should be healthy. To maintain long-term health, three key points need to be solved: first, solve its ideological problem of long-term health; Second, give him methods; Third, grow up with him. After realizing these importance, there are a series of measures and methods to let him follow Schneider Mann. We will promote brand building and products with high cost performance. At the same time, we will have very good displays, marketing strategies, and a strong marketing team to work together with dealers to become bigger and stronger. Instead of dealers dancing alone, manufacturers will also work together, so that we can cultivate more and more dealers

Reporter: team building has taken a lot of effort. What are the specific measures

president Huang: team building is based on two considerations: first, the needs of the company's development and the optimization and adjustment of the organizational structure; The second is the development needs of dealers and the market. We take corresponding strategies according to the changes and dynamics of the market. To set up a team, we should first set up a team idea, and the second group should think clearly about what kind of team to build. The specific measures are first of all, brand building and service. We can help product research and development to strengthen ourselves; Secondly, the dealer's help team, activity promotion, marketing department and training department will further increase the need for equipment according to market needs in 2014, and put forward higher requirements for the quality of their own team. Training is not only the training of dealers, but also internal training and assessment of employees. Improving the combat effectiveness and professionalism of the team is the work to be done in 2014

reporter: about products, this conference has introduced the supporting facilities of the overall space scheme, and the wardrobe exhibition has also been planned. In the era of customization from 1.0 to 2.0, the product functions are more subdivided. Introduce the products in space, including the promotion of terminals

president Xin: This is the focus of the company in 2014, and it is also the demand of market consumers. At present, consumers are very interested in the customization of the whole house, because now we have passed the era when clothes are only for covering, and houses are only for living, so we have more spiritual requirements for many aspects. We have also done a lot of research. Home is a harbor of love and a harbor of warmth, which puts forward integrated requirements for furniture. Consumers don't want family a to buy a bed, family B to buy a cabinet, and family C to buy a bookshelf. They also hope that the whole furniture is the overall support of the company, so they have high requirements in the design. The products produced should have a kind of harmonious beauty. If the aesthetic needs of our consumer groups have reached the era of 3.0, and we are still in the era of 0.5, then it is really out. We must be able to sensitively find the needs in the whole product production and quickly meet the needs. I'm not an expert in selling real estate. I can only talk about the main theme of the current brand conceptually

reporter: apart from cabinet products, schneiman basically involves them. Last year, he also chose to promote the alliance with jiajule. Will schneiman consider making cabinets by himself in the future

president Xin: the era of big home is an option for the future. I believe every enterprise has its own rhythm. At present, schneiman is doing very well in first tier cities such as Beijing and Tianjin, second tier cities are also good, and third tier cities are also very large. There are more than 4000 counties and many rich and powerful towns. From the perspective of schneiman, as a wardrobe or overall home customization has not been done thoroughly, it is problematic to split the second front on the basis of intensive cultivation, so make bold assumptions and carefully verify

reporter: can you share what conditions do you think you need to meet from a single wardrobe to a larger home

president Xin: I am different from many enterprises. I think it is necessary to be responsible for any category. There are many examples of hasty ending. There are many reasons for this. From the perspective of enterprise operation, I think you have made a big mistake. If you want to succeed in your second spring, you must make use of your most advantageous aspects. In other words, Schneider Mann's DNA must really contribute to the second project, so the probability of success is almost 100%, rather than going to the exhibition. Project a is very good, project B is also very good, and real estate is also very good, so there will be problems. What enterprises are good at is sure to do very well. For example, there are thousands of activities of schneiman. Assuming that some products are suitable for this model, it is the success of smooth flow. As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is rationality rather than sensibility

reporter: now mobile Internet terminals are developing rapidly. Many enterprises are practicing network channels, but the traditional customization industry relies on dealer channels. How do you think customization enterprises with special attributes should explore the focus of online channels

president Huang: first of all, Schneider Mann has been keeping pace with the times and paying attention to it. President Xin has unique opinions and is also adhering to it. He is trying to maintain the touch and operation of this area in layout and discussion. The customization industry has special attributes. Simple B2C and C2B can't solve the problems of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. The requirements of this part are very high, including o2o. Whether to do or not is to balance several relationships. The first is the relationship between the interests of national dealer channels and online channels. Is it forward-looking oriented or a reference to the stability of current channels? We can't do the thing of picking up Ma Dou and losing watermelon, You can't do the monkey moving corn, which is very risky. The second is the problem of input and output. I think o2o mode is the development trend of the industry, but now the input-output ratio is not high

Reporter: in addition to the o2o model, will new channels such as wechat and Weibo be tried

Mr. Huang: Based on the current stage, we should actively accept and understand new ideas. At least we should do everything in this area that is beneficial to us and occupy the position. All our brands and dealer ideas and promotion plans are also using o2o. When customers interact with us online, they will be assigned to the corresponding dealers. Let the dealers give us encouragement, so we are already doing o2o

reporter: the industry is discussing the o2o model of household enterprises. Each enterprise has a different understanding. What is your own understanding of o2o

Mr. Huang: what we do is o2o based on the dealer channel, which may have flattened the network for some enterprises. In terms of the current development stage of sieneman and the particularity of the customization industry, our o2o is still a supplement to the dealer channel, a way of brand publicity and promotion, and the two are combined with each other. Through this mode, we can interact with the consumers of the terminal, and then give it to the corresponding regional dealers, who will provide consumers with pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services

reporter: what is schneiman's plan for new media marketing now

Mr. Huang: new media is also doing it, but there is still a lot of room to improve in terms of systematization and strength. It is not deep enough and systematic enough. I think this point should be broken through as the focus of 2014. It should be promoted systematically in a planned and step-by-step manner, and work hard in terms of systematization and strength

reporter: regarding the whole house customization, schneiman proposed an intelligent design terminal. What specific implementation plans does schneiman have in this area

president Huang: this has been done, and some have been included in the agenda. This is very important for customized wardrobe. First, it has a design process, and second, it has an experience process. These have been done. The first thing to do is the interaction between terminal dealers and consumers. Some brands in the industry have done well, and we also feel the importance. So we are making breakthroughs, such as how to let more consumers participate in DIY and experience. We regard it as a sales tool and a marketing means. Secondly, the design interaction between dealers and headquarters should also be improved after receiving the list. In general, we make our products more compatible. There are more and more such modules in the product library. Finally, we are also trying to have more house types and create a batch of matching things. Our designers and more customers put forward some things from them, which can be solved by the manufacturing and technology of our headquarters. These are also the concepts of B2C and C2B. Now it is the Internet era. What manufacturers do you want. Internet thinking is a trend. When we can't change this trend, we should face difficulties and try our best to do well

reporter: what is the upgrade of schneiman in zero formaldehyde board

Mr. Xin: zero formaldehyde has been gradually recognized since its inception. At that time, when we were promoting zero formaldehyde, we were alone and didn't see anyone, but consumers were very recognized. Almost all brands are focusing on zero formaldehyde, which is what people want. Then we also urged our partners to protect the environment in terms of products and any details. At present, the track is normal for the details of Schneider Mann zero formaldehyde





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