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Start with Kelon variable-frequency 3-piece living room air-conditioning cabinet kfr

this Kelon variable-frequency 3-piece living room air-conditioning cabinet kfr-72lw/eflva1 is a new product in 2019. It is a popular column air-conditioning cabinet. Let's take a look at Kelon variable-frequency 3-piece kfr-72lw/eflva1 friends' experience, price quotations and configuration parameters, which may help you choose for reference

I. experience:

1. The cooling and heating effect of this Kelon variable-frequency 3PL living room air conditioner kfr-72lw/eflva1: very good! Good!! Very good!!! Power size: 3 HP first-class energy consumption and power saving. Appearance and material: very beautiful, very satisfied! Mute effect: mute, no sound can be heard indoors. The sound of the external machine is very low. It's really good

2. The cooling effect of the air conditioner is very good. It is ultra quiet, beautiful and generous. The price is affordable. The sub physical store is much cheaper. The effective control production process of my 50 square meters and 3 horses is just right. The installation master is also responsible for it. A pleasant shopping

turn to more friends to comment on the details of the advantages and disadvantages of this air conditioner. I hope it can help later friends for reference

II. Kelon kfr-72lw/eflva1 price quotation:

kelon variable frequency 3 pcs living room air conditioner cabinet cylinder air conditioner official flagship store floor type

[at sales price] 5199.00 yuan


[tmall event] Click the link to view the promotion price:

III. configuration parameters:

IV. other users' comments on Kelon air conditioner kfr-72lw/eflva1

cooling heat effect: the cooling speed is very fast, and there may be questions, After running for a period of time, the refrigeration seems to stop. The auxiliary function of the air in the drive system is adjusted down with the sound of snoring. After the sound, the refrigeration starts again. The heating function has not used the power size: 3P, the first level energy efficiency is great, which should save a lot of electricity. When it is first selected, this is the main reason. Appearance material: excellent appearance, Fashion sense otherwise, the control parameters of the experimental machine (i.e. conventional P, I, D parameters) need to be adjusted at any time. It is super strong. I like the mute effect very much: the noise is within the normal range, and I don't know whether the external machine sound will become louder later. At present, it's OK. After all, the price is there, and the cost performance is high

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