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VMware helps Shanghai Public Security College achieve efficient storage architecture

ctiforum on May 13 (Li Wenjie): Recently, VMware (nyse:vmw), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, announced today that Shanghai Public Security College has successfully achieved the integration of storage facilities through the use of VMware virtual San (VMWare vsan) storage virtualization solution, On the basis of meeting the demand expansion of storage capacity, it ensures data security, improves operation and maintenance level, simplifies management and reduces costs. The experimental load varies with the ball diameter

Shanghai Public Security College 16. Electromechanical power: 5.5kW, 3 ф 380V, founded in 1949, is the only full-time public security college in Shanghai that trains police personnel. In the 65 years since its establishment, the school has trained and delivered more than 34000 graduates for the political and legal front of Shanghai and even the national public security, and trained nearly 300000 on-the-job police. It is known as the cradle of the police and the melting pot of police officers. The school attaches great importance to improving daily work efficiency and professional ability by means of informatization. After years of construction, it has many distance education systems, training systems with multiple platforms for public security business management, library application and educational administration systems, OA systems and other application systems of various public security colleges

previously, the school has adopted VMware vSphere server virtualization technology, which has greatly improved the server efficiency and operation and maintenance management level. However, in the storage sector, due to the particularity of the education industry, different applications have different requirements for storage. For example, teaching systems have higher requirements for storage SLA, while library applications pay more attention to storage capacity and have lower requirements for performance and availability. If centralized storage is adopted, it is easy to cause high cost and capacity waste, function mismatch and management difficulties, and it is also difficult to realize the horizontal on-demand expansion of storage capacity, and face the risk of being kidnapped by hardware manufacturers and losing bargaining power

therefore, schools need a cloud infrastructure and management platform that meets their own needs, which can improve resource utilization, reduce management burden, and obtain a flexible and efficient storage architecture. After in-depth and detailed market research and evaluation, Shanghai Public Security College chose the industry's mature VMware server virtualization and vsan storage virtualization solutions to solve the above challenges

Shanghai Public Security College deployed VMware vSphere 5.5 enterprise software on five servers to expand the server virtualization environment, and used VMware vsan to manage the built-in disk of the server to form a unified storage resource pool. Each server is installed with 2 SSDs and 10 HDDs, and 1 SD card is added for installing esxi. Since vsan has encapsulated the built-in hard disk, end users do not need to understand the implementation details to use it. At the same time, for administrators, the installation and configuration of vsan is very simple. VMware provides training on performance and fault location, so that users can get a better experience

at present, the VMware vsan project has been implemented, and Shanghai Public Security College is carrying out the migration and verification of multiple digital book application systems and the deployment of new systems. For example, as the first user to adopt vmwarevsan in the production environment in China, China Zhi, CCTV video library, public security case library, etc., specifically speaking, using software to define storage brings the following benefits:

storage configuration according to the SLA of the application

through the storage configuration file integrated in vsan, it can be automatically tuned and dynamically load balanced under the constraints of service level agreement (SLA). Administrators can specify storage properties for each virtual machine according to policies, such as capacity, performance, and availability

achieve vertical and horizontal expansion

vsan is a strategy driven product, which can easily expand the storage capacity of data by adding hosts to the cluster or disks to the hosts through the tolerance of serial number 4 corresponding to the mold manufacturing tolerance of precision technology

improve management level

vsan is seamlessly integrated with vSphere and vCenter, and can comprehensively manage and monitor storage in vSphere webclient. At the same time, vsan can automatically perform many storage tasks that currently need to be performed manually, which can simplify the allocation and management of storage

ensure data security

using distributed raid and replica redundancy technology, if a server in a vsan cluster fails in disk, host or network, the hardware elastic design can avoid data loss and virtual machine downtime

significant cost savings

vsan uses the built-in disk of the server, which greatly reduces the cost of disk procurement and expansion. 5. Regularly protect and maintain the instrument to reduce TCO by up to 50%. And in the future expansion, servers of different brands and models can be selected. As long as they are in the official compatibility list of vsan, unified management can be achieved, so as to avoid being bound by a specific hardware manufacturer

in the future, Shanghai Public Security College will continue to expand the application scope of VMware vsan, and consider adopting software definition network technology, so as to achieve a comprehensive software definition of computing, storage and network. Yu Er, senior engineer of the Information Office of Shanghai Public Security College, said: we combined VMware sphere5.5 with virtual San to simplify management and operation and maintenance, reduce costs, and take a solid step towards SDDC and education cloud

guozunhua, global vice president of VMware and President of Greater China, said that VMware has been committed to providing local customers with the most advanced virtualization and cloud computing technologies, supporting them to improve efficiency, agility and control in both it and business. We are glad to cooperate with Shanghai Public Security College to help them realize the evolution from traditional storage architecture to a more flexible and efficient software defined storage architecture

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