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VMware releases vrealize cloud management platform to help customers maximize hybrid cloud investment

the new VMware vrealize operations 6.6 has launched automatic workload balancing function for actively optimizing application and infrastructure performance; And the new native operation and maintenance management for VMware vsan ultra converged infrastructure solutions

the new VMware vrealize automation 7.3 provides a more powerful container and configuration management solution for operation and maintenance ready it; Further strengthen the integration with VMware NSX, better support daily operation and maintenance, and improve support for Microsoft azure

VMware (nyse: vmw), the global leader in cloud infrastructure and mobile commerce solutions, recently launched an important update to the VMware vrealize cloud computing management platform series to improve software defined data center (SDDC) and cloud operation and maintenance, and accelerate the delivery of cross hybrid cloud applications and infrastructure services. The latest versions of products include VMware vrealize operations 6.6, VMware vrealize automation 7.3, vrealize business for cloud 7.3, vrealize log insight 4.5 and vrealize network insight 3.4. Together, they will provide enterprise customers with advanced intelligent operation and maintenance and it automation functions, making it easier to create and operate VMware based cloud services. In addition, VMware is introducing more support for container and configuration management solutions to easily move applications from development testing to formal production

vmware vrealize suite enables customers to manage and configure computing, networking, storage and application services on a large scale in a hybrid cloud environment. The integrated management function of the platform for SDDC and multi cloud is used in three common use scenarios: intelligent operation and maintenance, it automation and operation. I believe that it is ready for maintenance

ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager of VMware cloud computing management business unit, said that VMware is committed to helping customers make digital transformation, help them modernize their data centers, and integrate with the public cloud. The update function of VMware vrealize platform will help customers further tap the current hybrid cloud investment, no matter where the workload is running, it can make it a bright road to cross cloud management applications and infrastructure

use intelligent operation and maintenance to plan, manage and expand SDDC and multi cloud environment

intelligent operation and maintenance helps enterprises plan, manage and expand their SDDC and multi cloud deployment with confidence, dealing with all operation and maintenance management from applications to infrastructure. The new vrealize functions for this use scenario include:

automatic active workload configuration: vrealize operations 6.6 adds a large number of new intelligent functions to the implementation of workload configuration, and realizes the workload balancing across clusters and data storage according to business instructions, which is fully automated, including arranging rebalancing through convenient maintenance windows. This version also has an active distributed resource scheduler (PDRs), which combines analysis from vrealize operations with VMware vSphere DRS to predict abnormal conditions and take action before they occur

vmware vsan operations management:vrealize operations 6.6 will provide native vsan management and monitoring without downloading and installing management packs separately. Functions include displaying remaining capacity and time, space saved by weight removal and compression, and resource recovery opportunities in vsan based hyper converged infrastructure (HCI). In addition, the new version also supports centralized management of extended clusters across multiple sites, including advanced troubleshooting, active alarm, and display of virtual machine to disk mapping from holding R & D team night activities

integrate O & M and business insight: the new version of the product adds vrealize business for cloud 7.3 to vrealize operations 6.6 in the form of labels to provide new insights: how capacity utilization can improve cost efficiency by integrating O & M and cost indicators. The new version of vrealize business for cloud 7.3 can better understand the full cost of AWS and Microsoft azure instances and the cost of VMware based private cloud

cross cloud security and network management: vrealize network insight 3.4 will add support for Amazon Web services (AWS) network and security, so users can conduct security planning through AWS virtual private cloud and AWS tags. Customers will be able to add AWS EC2 virtual machines to user-defined applications to achieve differential segment planning and troubleshoot traffic faults in AWS

it automation shortens deployment time and reduces customers' total cost of ownership

it automation enables it organizations to fully automate their core it processes and help them speed up service delivery. Relevant new functions include:

VMware NSX operation: vrealize automation 7.3 adds more support for NSX related operations, including setting advanced NSX control for load balancing, and network and security functions for initial deployment and daily operation and maintenance

automatic active workload configuration: when considering where to configure the newly requested virtual machine, vrealize automation 7.3 significantly improves the configuration decision-making ability. Users can now choose to set the configuration policy in vrealize operations and use it for vrealize automation

accelerate application delivery with it ready for operation and maintenance

developer ready it can help it teams meet the needs of developers to choose tools independently. In addition, it can support it departments to seamlessly transfer applications from laptops to production. Relevant new functions include:

enhanced container management: vrealize automation 7.3 is now equipped with Admiral 1.1, a highly scalable and lightweight container management portal that can manage virtual container host instances and docker hosts generated by VMware vSphere integrated containers. The new version also provides support for docker data volumes, allowing users to create and add data volumes to containers

make full use of configuration management solutions: vrealize automation 7.3 introduces a new frame, but the sealed volume is changing, which can make configuration management tools become first-class citizens, and puppet will become the first ecosystem partner. By using the blueprint drawing, service orchestration, management workflow of vrealize automation and the functions provided by the configuration management tool, customers can now seamlessly deploy, configure and manage the production ready OS, middleware and applications within a specific range or standard range

blueprint parameterization improvement: by introducing parameterized blueprints, vrealize automation 7.3 greatly improves the reusability of blueprints and reduces the total cost of ownership of customers. Service designers will be able to directly define the t-shirt size of specific resources (i.e. small, medium and large) for the blueprint, and easily customize services through size parameters to meet their personal needs

integrate windows azure public cloud: vrealize automation 7.3 enhances the support for windows azure, and can deploy and manage applications and middleware services

as the most complete and powerful hybrid Cloud Architecture in the world, whether the application is based on the underlying cloud, hardware platform or virtual layer, VMware cross cloud architecture can achieve local and non local consistent application deployment model, security policy, visualization and regulatory management of all applications. Relying on its leading private cloud and hybrid cloud functions, cross cloud architecture enables customers to realize innovation among multiple clouds at will, and realizes specific functions through VMware cloud foundation, VMware cross cloud services and VMware vrealize cloud management platform

customer evaluation

Chris Smallwood, vice president of it business of IQMs, said: adopting agile development practice and vrealize automation is a strategic business decision, which makes us occupy a competitive position in the ERP market. We have accelerated the product development cycle and look forward to the new functions of vrealize automation 7.3 related to development, operation and maintenance and hybrid cloud to help the IT department effectively meet the needs of the development team and ultimately meet the needs of customers

David Wyatt, Infrastructure Architect of tatts group, believes that vrealize operations is a powerful tool that provides visibility about capacity and performance for our virtualized assets. The customized control panel function provides a single management platform scoreboard, which enables executives, architects and operation and maintenance personnel to access important key indicators. We are looking forward to upgrading to vrealize operations 6.6, whose early trials have shown a more sophisticated user interface and more capacity reporting capabilities

time to market

vmware vrealize automation 7.3 and VMware vrealize network insight 3.4 are now available. VMware vrealize operations 6.6, VMware vrealize business for cloud 7.3, and VMware vrealize log insight 4.5 are expected to be available in the second quarter of VMware fiscal 2018 (as of August 4, 2017)

vrealize network insight 3.4 is now available in advanced and enterprise versions

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