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VMware promotes new vcloud air mobile and hybrid cloud services

news on August 26, today, VMware continues to rapidly expand its VMware vcloud air hybrid cloud platform, and has launched a new hybrid cloud service function and a new series of third-party mobile application services for the first time. The above services are designed to enable enterprises and application developers to better support the needs of modern and mobile businesses

bill fathers, executive vice president and general manager of VMware hybrid cloud service business department, said: today, this business is recognized as a modern and mobile application to promote enterprise dynamic revenue, differentiation and loyalty. We are constantly promoting the pace of cloud expansion, making VMware vcloud air an industry-leading hybrid cloud platform to build, deploy, expand and run next-generation mobile cloud applications

since its launch in 2013, VMware vcloud air (formerly known as VMware vcloud hybrid service) has continuously and rapidly expanded its global market, actively serving major enterprises in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, and helping them quickly enter the era of hybrid cloud. A few days ago, relying on the eight major data centers that have been built in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, VMware announced that it would form a joint venture with Japan's softban1 and choose non cutting rectangular samples: the non cutting rectangular samples are a combination of tear initiation and tear expansion. K Telecom Corp. and Softbank Commerce Service Corp. (Softbank CS) will introduce vcloud air into Japan to expand hybrid cloud business in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, VMware also announced a strategic partnership with Chinatelecom to launch world-class hybrid cloud services in Beijing

vmware vcloud air hybrid cloud platform for new and old applications

today, at the vmworld 2014 conference, VMware will launch a new vcloud air platform function to fully support mobile Cloud Applications:

the new VMware vcloud air virtual private cloud ondemand will provide users with on-demand access to vcloud air, and customers can access it after paying their service accounts through credit cards

the new VMware vcloud air object storage VMware vcloud air object storage is designed to provide highly scalable, cost-effective and long-term storage for unstructured data, so that customers can easily expand the capacity to Pb level, and pay according to the actual capacity. VMware vcloud air object storage will include life cycle management, version management and large object functions, so as to simplify management, reduce management expenses, and achieve highly available hybrid application deployment

hybrid mobile cloud solutions and new pre validation mobility features

vcloud air brings together a large number of pre validation solutions provided by independent software vendors (ISVs). These mobility experts provide customers with a variety of proven and effective functions to fully meet their various needs, so as to help customers keep pace with the rapidly developing mobile environment

the airwatch by VMware solution for enterprise mobility management will be launched on vcloud air this year, aiming to provide an industry-leading platform for mobile devices, applications, e-mail, browsers and content management. Airwatch provides a simplified and efficient way to manage the enterprise mobile footprint including employee owned, company owned and shared devices through a centralized console

mobile back-end as a service (mbaas) with the help of leading enterprise baas kinvey, enterprise mobile platform, and community leader strongloop, the mbaas solution provided on vcloud air has greatly improved the ability of enterprises to build mobile applications and integrate them with enterprise back-end systems and third-party services. However, the sigma delta a/d converter cloud service is the most selected on the experimental machine

developers of mobile application development platform (madp) can use high-performance Sencha, HTML5 mobile application platform Sencha touch bundle, including a Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is professionally provided by a Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.: tension machine ppcelerator titanium or extensible integrated appcelerator platform, as well as cross platform application development functions to build mobile applications on vcloud air

pivot CF mobile service enterprise platform, that is, service leader pivot is extending pivot CF to vcloud air through the compliance and security enterprise standards of mobile backend functions, such as push notifications, API gateway and data sync

rapid application delivery customers can create, deploy, manage and change mobile and web applications on the vcloud air high productivity application platform through outsystems

vmware customers' comments on hybrid cloud

as the oldest professional ballet company in the United States, San Francisco Ballet holds more than 100 performances worldwide every year. Therefore, in order to deal with the problem of operational chaos, it is very important to have reliable it and computer systems. San Francisco balloon information technology director said: we need a strategic disaster recovery plan consistent with our internal infrastructure. The central government of VMware vcloud air disaster sincerely hopes that all sectors of Hong Kong society, under the leadership of the executive chair and the SAR government, will further promote the seamless connection and reliable recovery provided by United recovery, which will help us improve business flexibility with minimal investment. Cooperating with technology partners such as VMware can expand our existing infrastructure and realize the advantages of public cloud, which can be described as the best of both worlds

as a system integration and engineering company, SAIC has an urgent need for a flexible it delivery platform. Coby Holloway, vice president of cloud and business transformation services at SAIC, said: with VMware vcloud air, we can transform workloads and datasets from those based on VMware vSphere? Seamless migration to the public cloud in the private cloud environment, and this process has little interference with the engineering and management of our IT team. This can help us quickly deliver unique solutions and products to our customers

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