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Vmworld 2017: seven charts overview VMware cloud vision


after a period of trying, VMware has confirmed an important thing for itself: building a unique public cloud subordinate to itself is not the wisest thing, and as cloud computing has a great attraction for more and more enterprise customers, it is not a good idea to compete directly with AWS

for AWS, it is not practical to blindly urge its customers to give up private cloud: especially those large and medium-sized enterprise customers who maintain long-term investment in the IT field. In the past few years or even more, they have owned a large number of enterprise assets belonging to the era of private cloud. They hope to use some capabilities of cloud computing, but after years of investment in data centers, Their CIO or it managers have no interest in starting from scratch, and most of them are loyal users of VMware. In the past decade, the latter has sold its server virtualization software to countless enterprise customers. Therefore, VMware and AWS are not competitors, but partners

this change in thinking has led VMware to stop running its own public cloud services, and laid a solid foundation for AWS and VMware to reach out to each other. After the two companies announced their intention to cooperate in the field of hybrid cloud in October 2016, they showed further cooperation content, actions and the availability of hybrid cloud at the vmworld 2017 Conference opened on August 28. For the first time, The leaders in the private cloud field and the public cloud market have really combined to build a hybrid cloud for enterprise customers

vmware CEO patkissinger said in an interview: this hybrid cloud has a consistent architecture, consistent operations, and a consistent experience. Yes, the architecture, operation and experience are completely consistent with VMware's original private cloud environment

vmware cloud on AWS has been initially available in the western United States (Oregon), and will be extended to AWS' global coverage in 2018. VMware will also launch one-year and three-year ordering options in the future

vmware cloud on AWS architecture and functions

vmware cloud on AWS takes the bare metal of AWS as the hardware platform, and the VMware cloud Foundation provides technical support (that is, the bare metal of AWS + VCF as the underlying layer). The latter is an integrated SDDC platform integrating vSphere, VMware vsan and VMware NSX virtualization technology and VMware vCenter management. This means that customers can use familiar vmware tools to manage their applications without buying new hardware or customizing hardware, rewriting applications, or changing the operation mode

this service is delivered, sold and supported by VMware, which can extend local VMware environments such as vSphere to VMware SDDC running in AWS' bare metal infrastructure. But more importantly, this cloud service can connect the latter's rich and complete public cloud services within AWS' data center system, which is more efficient than private cloud direct connection

as AWS CEO Andy Jassy said: most enterprises around the world have completed virtualization deployment through VMware, and now with VMware cloud on AWS, customers can easily operate a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment based on AWS for the first time without purchasing customized hardware, rewriting applications or changing operation mode

vmware's cloud ecosystem: consistent architecture and operation

in addition to the cooperation with AWS, AWS has reached a cooperation with IBM softlayer on hybrid cloud last year, and has initially had a similar availability model and availability. In addition, through the VMware cloud provider program, VMware has reached cooperation with many public cloud service providers

vmware cloud provider program (formerly known as vcloud air network) is VMware's cloud service provider cooperation program for third-party partners. It operates more than 4300 VMware cloud providers to provide customized cloud solutions and services in more than 110 countries. This time, it launched a new service and partner program based on VMware cloud foundation, thereby expanding the territory of VMware hybrid cloud, That is, VMware's partners can now design a reasonable VMware cloud foundation to provide services based on 1. Whether the fixture of the electronic universal experimental machine is reasonable (so it constitutes a consistent architecture, which is not supported by Microsoft and Google for the time being)

through this plan, VMware and third-party public cloud partners run VMware cloud foundation and related VMware environments in the latter cloud to ensure that the VMware environment on the public cloud is consistent with the VMware environment on the private cloud, so as to meet the needs of hybrid clouds. Thanks to VMware cloud foundation, VMware in AWS The hybrid cloud running on partners under softlayer and VMware cloud provider program has a completely consistent infrastructure

vmware's cooperation with Google cloud platform and Microsoft azure, two public clouds, still needs further development. Patkissinger said that VMware is still paying close attention to the negotiation with these two public cloud providers, but this will take some time. However, pat also said that VMware cloud still provides consistent operations for these two potential partners, for example, through workspace one, a platform that spans users' multiple workspaces. Of course, this includes a lot of content

vmware cloud Foundation: consistent (hybrid cloud) architecture infrastructure

whether in the cooperation between VMware and AWS, IBM softlayer, or in the VMware cloud provider program, VMware cloud foundation is involved. It is a software definition service (vSphere, vsan, NSX) that can provide an integrated cloud infrastructure stack and carry a complete set of computing, storage, network and security. In other words, It is a packaging platform for VMware based cloud infrastructure platforms

this time, VMware announced the latest version of Dell EMC vxrack SDDC solution, the newly released HDS ucp-rs, Fujitsu primeflex and QCT qxstack and other new integrated systems, as well as multiple VMware cloud foundation certified servers from Cisco, HDS, Fujitsu and Lenovo

vmware cloud foundation is a magic weapon for VMware to cooperate with third-party public cloud partners. In the environment of public cloud service providers, it is more like a concession: use the bare metal resources of the latter, and release the VMware environment infrastructure upward. At the same time, it can support the formation of marketable public cloud service rental subscription options, Thus, enterprise customers can get a VMware environment on the public cloud from the public cloud service provider. Unlike the competitors, VMware does not adopt the method of directly migrating to the cloud virtual server of the public cloud service provider: in order to simplify, VMware also has a huge user base

rely on VMware cloud services to achieve consistent operation

vmware cloud services, which literally means VMware cloud services, but we can understand it from two perspectives: first, it is a series of cloud (on) services; Second, it is a cloud (user) oriented service, but no matter which kind, it is deployed in the SaaS environment to provide management, protection, monitoring and automation services for the cloud environment of enterprises

in short, VMware cloud services provides a series of important cloud services to manage the complexity and risks of the cloud. It provides cross cloud consistency, visibility, automation VMware cloud services provide a consistent operational model across all cloud environments to ensure visibility, automation, security and governance, regulations of how an application is built and where it runs, Obviously, VMware cloud services can be deployed on the platforms of different cloud service providers (in the form of SaaS). For public clouds that do not support VMware cloud foundation, such as Google cloud platform and Microsoft azure, when they become part of the customer's hybrid cloud environment, VMware cloud services can become a compatible and available service, And provide corresponding capabilities: help it balance flexibility and achieve manageability and it governance across multiple cloud platforms. From this perspective, it is more like a tool, but it obviously supports being provided as a (cloud management) SaaS service

vmware cloud services includes the following services:

vmware appdefense: Data Center endpoint security solution, which protects applications by embedding application control, threat detection and response functions into the VMware vSphere environment where applications and data depend. Vmwa covers more than 40 claims, including new alloy composition design and whole process manufacturing and processing technology. Re appdefense counts and analyzes threat data by learning the behavior of normal system, and submits suspected data to products of professional security manufacturers (such as Symantec) for identification and processing

it is a new security solution running in virtual environment or cloud environment. It uses virtual infrastructure to monitor according to the expected state of running applications, and can detect attacks that attempt to manipulate applications and automatically respond. It is currently embedded in VMware vSphere and has achieved a high level of security

vmware appdefense enables customers to improve the effectiveness of existing security controls. Endpoint security, security information and event management (Siem) and security operations center analytics are integrated with appdefense to obtain a unique application context, make full use of virtual infrastructure to implement repair and protect its own position in the endpoint. In addition, managed security service providers (MSSPs) can build new data centers and cloud security products and services around appdefense

vmware cost insight: cost monitoring and optimization services for public and private clouds can help it departments analyze cloud expenditures, find cost saving opportunities, and communicate service costs with business departments. With cost insight, users can understand the total cost of the cloud and identify the main cost drivers

vmware discovery: automatic directory service, which integrates directory information and cloud accounts from multiple clouds, allows it departments to easily search and identify their enterprise deployed workloads, thereby improving cloud visualization and inhibiting shadow it. Even if cloud resources are distributed among multiple clouds, customers can still group them with the help of the identified native cloud tags and attributes

vmware network insight: network and security analysis services customized for public cloud and software defined data centers. Network Insight provides comprehensive network visualization and fine insight into network traffic to achieve cloud security planning and network troubleshooting

vmware NSX cloud: provide unified network and security services for various applications running in private and public clouds through a single console and general API. The differential segment security policy only needs to be defined once,

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