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VMware: there are security differences between enterprise executives and it executives

entrusted by the plug on the VM hammer seat inserted into the electromagnetic valve seat ware, the Economist Intelligence Unit recently conducted an investigation on the data security practices of 1100 senior executives in the company around the world. Compared with the critical transportation distance (128000 kilometers) in the energy consumption assessment, the research results show that there are significant differences between enterprise executives and it executives in network security investment and priority protection areas

compared with other enterprises in the Asia Pacific region, Chinese enterprises' cognition of safety issues shows many characteristics. Executives of Chinese enterprises pay more attention to the protection of internal communications and intellectual capital; At the same time, Chinese enterprise executives and it executives have greater differences in security budget

research shows that 10% of Chinese enterprise IT executives believe that the security budget will increase significantly in the next two years, but no enterprise executives agree with this. Chinese IT executives who believe that the security budget will increase in the next two years are as high as 77%, while executives are only 37%. Obviously, the senior management and it executives of the enterprise must make a pre-warning on the enterprise priorities and security Reach a consensus on related risk issues such as poor switch contact calculation

through this research, VMware hopes to deal with the major challenges facing it security at present, including 30% of the complex problems caused by it architecture, which hinder enterprises from protecting customer data and business critical applications, thus affecting customer trust and brand reputation

guo Zunhua, global vice president of VMware and President of Greater China, believes that enterprises with a long-term vision clearly know that passive security protection is no longer effective. If an enterprise fails to have a universal IT architecture solution that spans all levels of computing, networking, storage, cloud and devices, hackers can easily bypass employees and systems or directly attack them. By adopting a software defined it approach that ensures the security of the entire architecture, enterprises will gain the flexibility necessary for the success of digital businesses

the network layer between physical infrastructure and applications is essential for enterprises to identify and deal with network hackers who take advantage of new gaps or expose the front end. Virtualization has become the most common infrastructure layer covering computing, network, storage, cloud and devices, and has laid the foundation for the integrated architecture, so that security can be integrated into and cover all underlying layers

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