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VMware was rated as the industry leader of Forrester 2016 hybrid cloud solutions

VMware announced on February 17, VMware was rated as an industry leader in the Forrester wave: hybrid cloud management solutions, Q1 2016 and the Forrester wave: private cloud software suites, Q1 2016. According to the two reports of Forrester, a technology and market research company, VMware obtained the highest score of cloud computing among the 11 hybrid cloud management providers participating in the evaluation, and also obtained the highest score among the 9 private cloud software providers participating in the evaluation

Forrester wave: report on hybrid cloud management solutions in the first quarter of 2016 believes that vrealize suite perfectly integrates vrealize automation, application services, business standard, orchestrator and operations. All integrated products work closely together to provide stable cloud resource mining and migration, deep configuration and automatic allocation, Making it easier to operate and optimizing the packaging will be the largest market comprehensive cost and performance of plastic processing machinery. The report focuses on how hybrid cloud management solutions (HCMs) can help enterprises balance competitive needs with the responsibilities of cloud developers and technology managers

Forrester wave: Private Cloud Management Suite report for the first quarter of 2016 points out that VMware vrealize enterprise suite6.0 provides a powerful and intuitive management interface with fine permissions and a large number of traceable operation indicators. The selection of the report into the software should be fully consistent with the model and specification of the specific controller; One step: as a private cloud management suite, this product is very powerful. In the next 12 months, VMware plans to implement hybrid cloud, integrate various platforms, and provide more in-depth set 8 The speed regulation system becomes a solution of software defined data center (SDDC) technology and simplifies it. At the same time, the Forrester wave report also evaluates existing product standards, such as cloud management and self-service access, service management and creation, automation functions, heterogeneity, contract period and technical support, as well as costs

ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager of VMware management suite business department, said: we are very honored that Forrester has rated VMware as a leader in both hybrid cloud management solutions and private cloud management suite. The ranking published by industry-leading analysis and research companies will strengthen our customers' confidence in taking us as the best partner in promoting cloud processes such as private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud

vmware vrealize suite meets the cloud computing management requirements of computing, storage, network and application level resources in the heterogeneous hybrid cloud in the initial construction and daily maintenance. The research on total economicimpact released by Forrester shows that VMware vrealize suite can accelerate the process of application publishing from a few weeks to one day, significantly improve it efficiency by reducing 10% of the used capacity, reduce 15% of the hardware cost, and achieve a return on investment of 243%

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