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Yanting primary and secondary school experimental teaching and equipment use management site meeting was successfully held

in order to comprehensively implement quality education, promote the all-round development of students, and cultivate students' innovative spirit, on December 27, 2018, according to the arrangement and deployment of Yanting County Education and Sports Bureau, Yanting Audio Visual Education Center successfully organized and held the "Yanting electrical measurement and control system is mainly composed of strong and weak electricity, and the county 2018 primary and secondary school experimental teaching and instrument and equipment use management on-site meeting". A total of more than 180 people attended the meeting, including directors of education and sports offices, audio-visual education professionals, principals of primary and secondary schools, leaders in charge of audio-visual education, all staff of audio-visual education center, and personnel of relevant departments of the Bureau of education and sports

in the morning of the same day, all participants went to Yanting Yulong town junior middle school and Yulong Town Central Primary School to visit the construction and management of the functional rooms of the two schools, observed the scientific experiment class on site, checked and learned the experimental audio-visual education and other archival materials of the two schools, and listened to the introduction of the relevant situation by the principals of the two schools. The storage and use of instruments in the two schools and the construction of campus culture in the two schools won high praise from the participants

in the afternoon of the same day, the pendulum impact experimental machine was tested electronically. All participants gathered in the academic lecture hall of Yanting teachers' training school to hold a briefing on the evaluation and inspection of experimental teaching. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Yi, member of the Party committee and director of the recruitment Office of the County Bureau of education and sports

At the meeting, Zhang Wenyuan, director of the county education supervision office, reported on the evaluation and inspection of provincial experimental teaching, comprehensively summarized the achievements, made a pertinent analysis of the existing problems, and put forward guiding suggestions on how to further standardize and do a good job in experimental teaching; Wang Mao, the curator of Yanting audio visual education Museum, interpreted the normalization management norms of experimental teaching and information work, focusing on assessment, management, giving play to benefits, teaching research, team building, participating in competitions and other aspects; The principals of heIping education and sports office, Yulong junior high school and Jinji primary school made an exchange of experience at the meeting

another change of the Party committee of Yanting County Bureau of education and sports is that some hygroscopic plastics swell due to moisture absorption. Du Deyong, secretary and director of Yanting County Bureau of education and sports, attended the meeting and made an important speech. He affirmed the form of organizing and holding an on-site meeting as a substitute for training. He hoped that everyone could learn from each other, observe others and improve themselves through visiting and learning. He asked the participants to attach great importance to the experimental teaching and information work of the school; We should conscientiously teach all kinds of experimental operation courses according to the regulations, and cultivate students' innovative consciousness and practical ability; We should actively promote the standardized establishment of various functional rooms for experimental teaching in schools, and establish a scientific, standardized, orderly and practical assessment and evaluation mechanism; We should strengthen the rational allocation, standardized management, effective use and serious examination of experimental teaching equipment

at the meeting, medals and honorary certificates were awarded to advanced collectives and individuals who had outstanding performance in the evaluation and inspection of provincial experimental teaching

this meeting aims to further strengthen the normal management of experimental teaching and information-based teaching in primary and secondary schools in the county, promote the in-depth application of educational technology and equipment in education and teaching, serve all links of education and teaching, and promote the comprehensive reform of teaching and education methods, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching. (authors: Tao Jiang, Ma Hao)

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