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Vivo x710l vivo xshot promotional activities, the benefits of [opening on June 10] are coming.

pre sell vivo x710l vivo xshot in a month to improve core competitiveness. Next month vivo x710l vivo xshot [opening on June 10], you can't miss it if you like vivo x710l vivo xshot

at present, the official vivo x710l vivo xshot of Dow and other chemical material giants is on sale on June 10. The price is 3498. Activity introduction: ★ it officially opens at 10:00 on June 10. It is necessary to actively carry out industry activities and get three lucky customers to give a 5000 yuan World Cup travel Fund Award

vivo x710l vivo xshot configuration introduction:

▲ 4G smart beat flagship

▲ Qualcomm snapdragon 801 quad core 8974ac processor

▲ 3g+32g super large memory combination

▲ F1 overload protection 8 super aperture ▲ optical anti shake

▲ 4K ultra clear extreme camera

the first batch of 8000 units has been sold out on June 10, and the next batch will continue to be sold in limited quantities at 10 a.m. tomorrow. At present, the xshot flagship version has been sold out

the pre-sale activity of the new vivo xshot elite version begins:

detailed vivo xshot elite version promotion activities pop here to check

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