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VMware will run NSX as a service in the public cloud

the contents of the vmworld 2017 conference directory have been exposed and excluded in a timely manner as before. The directory gives some announcements about the conference and some tips about vmvare's future plans

perhaps the most interesting one is about the partnership between VMware and Amazon Web services (AWS). There is a VMware nsxaas (NSX as a service) in the directory: the title of ensuring the security of local workloads in AWS. According to the description of the sub venue, VMware nsxaas enables users to manage networks and security policies in a public cloud environment (such as AWS)

once we saw the words of nsxaas, we soon found a job advertisement. The job advertisement said that VMware NSX team was establishing a Devops/SRE engineer elite team to run our royal nsxaas project in the public cloud. The person in this position will be responsible for running reliable non downtime NSX services, including actively finding and solving service reliability problems, and responding to customer needs as an outpost of the development engineering team

it is enough to show that VMware is doing NSX as a service, which is very interesting

another sub venue is called VMware cloud in AWS: entry practice. Participants will witness VMware solutions in AWS for the first time, and will actually operate VMware cloud interface to complete some basic tasks and manage public cloud capacity. This description is similar to that of other AWS related sub venues, which provide demonstrations of actual services. This and the special experiments of some products show that VMware on AWS has been launched or is very close to being launched for the first time when the virtual desktop appeared at the vmworld American Conference in late August

other conference titles such as VMware cross cloud services: introductory lectures indicate that cross cloud will appear at or before the conference

vmware integrated openstack currently uses version 3.1. The directory mentions a sub venue entitled VMware integrated openstack 4.0: new features, which indicates that VMware integrated openstack will launch a new version

the branch entitled VMware cloud foundation futures said that it would show how to use VCF as a platform to complete exciting new work in the fields of edge computing cluster, network function virtualization, predictive analysis and compliance

entitled storage speed: nonvolatile memory finally appeared in the arena. It looks like VMware wants to talk about how to build byte addressed nonvolatile storage. VMware calls it pmem, and others in the industry call it optane and so on. According to the description, this session will outline VMware virtualization pmem running on real pmem products. It's not certain that pmem speed will increase. It's interesting to see how VMware does this paper by virtual giant Erb and his team was published in nature communications on October 23, issue 1

vsphere, vCenter, etc. are the main products of vmwa to replace the re imported by companies from Japan, Britain and other countries, but there seems to be nothing new to say at the conference, just some discussions about powercli and vSphere HTML 5 client enhancements

the desktop management program is usually updated when vmworld is held. The vmworld conference directory mentions that innovation will be added to VMware fusion, VMware Workstation and VMware horizon flex in the sub venue description entitled "new trends"

the author did not find the long-awaited description of the security product VMware app defense in the conference directory. VMware app defense is believed to be launched in the third quarter, but endpoint security is mentioned in many places in the conference directory and VMware hopes to strengthen endpoint security through virtualization

vmworld European conference will be held in September this year, so if VMware wants to prepare big security products for its fans at the conference, the timetable for the launch of new security products in the third quarter also coincides with the meeting time

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