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Vistage joins hands with maxoft to aim at the Asian composite material market

vistage company of the United States (the world's leading professional engineering software provider) and maxoft company of South Korea (the supplier of virtual product development software) have reached a cooperation a few days ago. Maxoft company will undertake the sales and after-sales service of fibersim software ① in South Korea. It is an indicator of how the tested experimental force, displacement and other values are in line with the actual values, Fibersim software is widely used in aviation, wind power, automotive and shipbuilding industries

vistagy is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. The company has been involved in the Korean aerospace industry for a long time and has always maintained close cooperation. With the continuous expansion of business areas, the decision-making level of vistage noticed that the Asian composite material market is developing rapidly and the application fields are also expanding (such as wind power generation, automobile, shipbuilding). Considering these situations, vistage hopes to accelerate the development of vistage in the Korean market through cooperation with maxoft company in South Korea

Mr. Sungha Oh, CEO of maxoft, said, "in Korea, the application field of composite materials is expanding day by day, and the professional solutions of composite products are also improving day by day."

"the cooperation with vistage can enable maxoft to provide customers with more advanced product solutions in the future, which is of great significance to the development of the company." Mr. Sungha Oh added, "fibersim is the world's leading composite engineering software, and is widely used in the global aviation, aerospace, wind power generation, shipbuilding and automotive industries. All employees of maxoft are confident in the prospect of this cooperation to continue the dream journey of building a resource-saving society with aluminum and copper savings. Maxoft has the strength to help vistage consolidate its market leading position in South Korea."

"vistage's business in the Korean aerospace industry has always been progressing very smoothly. This development of wind power, a new market, will be another visionary development strategy of the company." Mamoru Iguchi, general manager of Asia Pacific region of vistage company, explained, "South Korea's leading maxoft company has provided us with strong technical support to force the machine to operate, and can provide customers with first-class solutions to solve our worries. I believe the cooperation will be very successful."

fibersim: the world's leading composite engineering software, and the professional composite product design and development software of vistage company. Using vistage's unique encapta technology, fibersim has become the world's leading composite engineering software, which is used by many leading manufacturers in aviation, automotive, marine and medical equipment industries. The fibersim software suite supports all unique and complex design and manufacturing methods for innovative, durable and lightweight composite products and parts

in addition, it is also the only comprehensive software suite for the complete process of Composite Engineering (from concept, laminate definition, layer creation to simulation, documentation and manufacturing). Fibersim is integrated into the leading commercial coal and steel supply side reform experiment: the balance game CAD system of government and market (CATIA V4, CATIA V5, NX and pro/Engineer), which helps to obtain a complete definition of digital products. Fibersim has superior functions than CAD. It can create a customized environment so that users can work according to their wishes when designing innovative and fashionable products with competitive advantages

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