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Recently, since the material tension testing machine system is a closed-loop system, to judge which part of the system has a fault, we must first disconnect the loop in the system to make the system an open-loop system If the sensor signal is judged to be normal, the feedback signal of the displacement sensor must be disconnected to make the system open-loop At this time, the most important thing is to send out the maximum experimental force from the workstation. 2.5 monitor the experimental process: the experimental force, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can realize the real-time display of a control actuator movement signal, and then measure the feedback value of the sensor to reduce the emission of aluminum and lead compounds in waste water and exhaust gas by 2 tons/year. After repeated several times, when the measured feedback data to the sensor is a linear change line, It is judged that the sensor is normal. Shenzhen vision Dragon Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shihua Technology Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation intention. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the cooperation between machine vision detection and motion control, and finally reached a cooperation intention. Wuhan Shihua focuses on the design and production of mechanical structure and motion control parts, and has rich experience; Shenzhen vision dragon has been committed to the application development of machine vision and has accumulated rich experience in the industry. Therefore, this cooperation will produce the effect of 1+1 2 strong combination

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