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VMware helps Liaocheng University build a dual active data center

Liaocheng University is a key comprehensive university in Shandong Province, and its history can be traced back to the normal school in Shandong University in 1902. In 2012, the school was identified as one of the first batch of famous schools with application-oriented talent training characteristics in Shandong Province. The university has the right to grant master's and bachelor's degrees, has the qualification to promote and exempt master's students, and cooperates with many colleges and universities at home and abroad to cultivate doctoral students

main challenges:

the development of the school is accelerating, and the original data center needs to be upgraded.

as a key university in Shandong Province, Liaocheng University has always paid attention to information construction. As early as 2010, the school adopted vSphere as the underlying server virtualization solution to support various businesses of the school. However, with the continuous acceleration of the development of the school and the frequent launch of a large number of applications, the previous IT architecture has been difficult to meet the current needs. The more serious challenge comes from the smart campus construction vigorously promoted by the school in recent years. Specifically, smart campus is an intelligent car seat based on IOT technology and integrating big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It is a device campus system in which people directly contact with cars, and has high requirements for the level of data center. Under the pressure of these two aspects, some problems in the operation of Liaocheng University data center have gradually surfaced:

1. Patch construction, lack of top-level design of IT architecture

for many years, the school has been expanding the data center based on the application needs of various departments, lacking overall planning and top-level design

2. All kinds of proprietary hardware fill the computer room, and the operation and maintenance management is complex.

in order to meet the continuous online application systems, the data center purchases a lot of related hardware equipment, which not only occupies space, but also has complex operation and maintenance management due to different brands and models

3. The old and new machine rooms operate independently, lacking site level reliability.

Liaocheng University has one machine room across the river in the East and West campuses, but interconnection has not been achieved, and the safety and reliability are poor

4. Some applications cannot be integrated with the smart campus platform, and there is a lack of unified authentication mechanism

5. The internal security protection of the data center is missing

main challenges

the accelerated development of the school and the construction of smart campus have gradually exposed some problems of the original data center, which need to be comprehensively upgraded


integrated solutions for hyperconverged cloud computing


customized dual active data center solutions

help the construction of school informatization

in order to deal with the above problems, the IT Department of Liaocheng University has been exploring suitable solutions. In this process, Liaocheng University issued an invitation to VMware, hoping that VMware would use desktop services to uniformly manage its multimedia system and alleviate the pressure of the data center. However, with the in-depth exchanges between the two sides, the IT Department of Liaocheng University has gradually realized that the future development direction of the University's information construction is to integrate the data center with advanced technology. As a global enterprise software innovator, VMware has more than 500000 customers and 75000 partners, and has also had many successful cases in Colleges and universities in Shandong Province. The convenience, flexibility and flexibility of its cloud platform have been affirmed and praised by customers. Therefore, Liaocheng University has established a deep partnership with VMware to jointly cope with the challenges of informatization and escort the development of the University

vmware specially dispatched a professional service team (PSO) with rich practical experience and professional delivery and support capabilities. The team and the Information Department of Liaocheng University sorted out the current situation of the data center in detail and developed a special dual active data solution for it. Combined with the specific characteristics of Liaocheng University, the scheme uses software defined data center (SDDC), end user computing (EUC), cloud management platform (CMP) and other technologies, which is efficient, flexible, stable and reliable

the specific implementation of the program is divided into two phases. The first phase was successfully completed in 2017, focusing on the construction of data center cloud platform, which mainly realizes the upgrading of the virtualization environment of the entire data center, centralized and automated management. In the second phase, the construction of dual active data center was completed by building NSX network and deploying vsan dual active extended cluster. 7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; It was completed in November, 2018. The specific products involved include: vsan super fusion infrastructure technology, NSX network virtualization technology, vcloud cloud computing deployment and management platform, and workspace one integrated digital workspace. At present, the platform between production lines with an annual output of 5000 tons of graphene heavy-duty coating is being expanded, and a personalized cloud service directory is also customized

VMware products and services


workspace one

hardware devices

Dell PowerEdge r730xd

Intel Xeon CPU


online time

November 2018

customer revenue

through more than two years of efforts, Liaocheng University has been built into an efficient, flexible and safe dual active data center, realizing the intelligent operation, maintenance and control of the cloud platform, The informatization construction level of Liaocheng University has also entered the forefront of Shandong Universities. The data center has achieved good results in practical application, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. A smart campus cloud platform has been built to provide convenience for teachers and students in the University.

based on the powerful technology of VMware, Liaocheng University has built a smart campus cloud platform, with a unified resource platform, management platform, access and landing portal, etc, So as to help users formulate the construction standards and management standards of the data center. After the platform goes online, it personnel can log in to all systems with a password, carry out intelligent operation and maintenance and visual management of these application systems, and can monitor the resource allocation and security status of the data center in real time. With the help of workspace one digital workspace, students can log in to the corresponding system anytime and anywhere to learn. The response speed is fast, the access is smooth, and the learning efficiency is greatly improved. These changes have not only brought direct convenience to the teachers and students of the school, but also fully reflected the value of the IT department

2. The system online time is greatly shortened to achieve minute level delivery

the platform adopts the understanding coupling architecture, and its flexibility and efficiency are significantly improved. Before it goes online, the whole process of purchasing hardware sometimes takes months for IT departments to launch a new application. Even if the hardware factor is not considered, the online time of a system should be in weeks. Now, the release time of a system is up to hours, as short as a few minutes, and the online time is greatly shortened

3. Realize automatic management and save a lot of labor costs

through cloud platform management software, Liaocheng University data center has realized automatic management in many aspects. In the published scenario, the user department can fully realize automatic approval and automatic resource allocation by adopting the operation and application methods that conform to the process. At the same time, the operation and maintenance management of vsan super integrated infrastructure is greatly simplified compared with the traditional architecture, saving the time and energy of IT personnel. Now the school has more applications online, and there is no need to add new staff. It can still deal with it calmly, saving the labor cost of the school

4. The launch of the dual active data center ensures business continuity. The completion of the second phase of the project enables the two data centers on the East and West campuses of Liaocheng University to achieve real dual active in the network sense. Vsan dual active architecture ensures that one piece of data is written to two data centers at the same time. With NSX network virtualization technology, virtual machines can migrate freely between data centers with the same address. If one data center has network outlet failure, physical network equipment failure, host failure, storage failure, site level failure, etc., the other data center will automatically start to ensure that data is not lost, and can provide continuous external services to ensure the continuity of all related businesses

5. The security is significantly improved, which complies with the relevant specifications of level 3 equal assurance.

using NSX differential segment and firewall and other security technologies, the operation and maintenance personnel can isolate all application systems in the data center, and separate different business departments in different security areas, so as to maximize the security of virtual machines. This also makes the security level of the cloud platform of Liaocheng University fully meet the relevant requirements of the national information security level III guarantee

looking forward to the future

based on the above remarkable achievements, Liaocheng University fully affirmed the leading technology and services of VMware, and the University believes that choosing VMware to promote its information construction is a quite correct decision

at present, Liaocheng University has reached the third cooperation intention with VMware. The two sides will use the cloud system to build the classroom and laboratory in the cloud, realize the deployment of teaching or experimental environment in a very short time through automation, and strengthen the support for teaching and scientific research. In addition, the school also hopes to build the second portal of the school through the cloud platform, accommodate some old systems, and form a benign interaction with the first portal, so as to cover all applications of the school and provide more support for the education and educational administration of the school

customer comments

vmware not only depicts a beautiful blueprint for our smart campus cloud platform, but also turns it into a reality. To this end, our data center can not only provide more powerful support for the development of the school, but also bring tangible benefits to teachers and students

--- Liaocheng 3. Taking the breaking load test of safety belt as an example, University Network Center

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