The hottest VMware is walking on the cloudy road

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VMware is walking on the "cloudy" broad road

it seems that in a blink of an eye, VMware has grown into a 20-year-old boy

20 years old, happy birthday

on August 27, us time, VMware CEO pat Gelsinger showed all participants a very prominent tattoo on VMware's left arm at the opening speech of vmworld2018 on the first day. This is a birthday gift for VMware's 20th birthday

it has been six years since pat Gelsinger officially took office in September 2012 and became the CEO of VMware. Pat Gelsinger with his own halo, from Intel to EMC to VMware, is highly expected by the outside world to lead VMware to realize the transformation from virtualization manufacturer to cloud infrastructure manufacturer. Six years later, pat Gelsinger said that he and all the employees of the company were very excited about the changes in the past few years

VMware was founded in 1998. After the first decade, its annual revenue reached $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2008. In the second decade, vmwa has greatly improved the reliability of equipment. Re its annual revenue in fiscal year 2018 reached $7.92 billion, even though Huang Rongxun produced various national certified quality certificates at a glance. As the leader and innovator of cloud infrastructure, VMware today has achieved its market position after a long time of training and accumulation

today's VMware has shown its far-reaching and extensive influence in the world, especially in the already started journey of cloud, VMware once again took the lead

pat Gelsinger said that VMware's greatest success lies in giving full play to its bridging role. At the data center end, VMware effectively connects different information islands; At the same time, VMware connects the back-end data center with the front-end office environment; Further, VMware breaks through the boundary of data center and connects data center, cloud and edge. From virtualization to cloud, from it to ot (IOT, 5g, etc.), VMware is constantly breaking through the boundaries of it and itself

in the current era of drastic changes, people are looking for the power that can lead the future it development. Pat Gelsinger pointed out that cloud, mobility, ai/ml, as well as edge computing and IOT are the super powers of the four technologies. To sum up, cloud and mobility have become more and more large-scale and popular, while ai/ml has brought wisdom to it. Edge computing and IOT have realized the connection between the physical world and the digital world

among these trends, cloud is the most fundamental. There is no doubt that cloud is a new type of infrastructure in the era of digital economy. VMware's cloud vision is also very simple to say, as long as we grasp three, any cloud, any application, any device. Whether it is private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud, only a unified architecture can support traditional applications and cloud native applications, and cover various terminal devices. In particular, in the Dell family, VMware has naturally received ecological support, and the implementation of the cloud vision has become like a duck to water

we are walking on a cloudy road. Pat Gelsinger said that vSphere, cloud foundation and SDDC provide a seamless foundation for a cloudy world

building blocks for the hybrid cloud, which should be one of the core of the current VMware cloud strategy. In this vmworld, the latest progress of VMware cloud on AWS deserves special attention. In October 2016, VMware formed a strategic alliance with AWS, and VMware cloud on AWS is one of the important achievements of this alliance. Then at the vmworld2017 conference, VMware and AWS jointly announced the initial availability of vmwarecloud on AWS, which brings VMware software defined data centers into the AWS cloud and supports customers to run various applications based on VMware vSphere private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments. At vmworld 2018, AWS announced the launch of VMware cloud on AWS in Sydney, Asia Pacific, with new features. With the enrichment of functions and the expansion of service scope, VMware introduction: according to the news of gelonghui on April 12, cloudon AWS has undoubtedly become the benchmark in the hybrid cloud field

pat Gelsinger said that VMware cloud on AWS business is developing very fast. VMware and AWS accelerate innovation in hybrid cloud, and extend services to key applications of governments and large enterprises, and then expand to containers

vmware cloudonaws landed in Sydney, and the door to the Asia Pacific market has been opened. Is the Chinese market also worth looking forward to

aws CEO andyjassy came to the vmworld 2018 platform and both parties announced that Amazon relationaldatabase service (Amazon RDS) can run on VMware. Amazon RDS on VMware is a new service that can migrate databases running in VMware software defined data center environments or hybrid clouds to AWS or VMware cloud on AWS, making the creation, operation and expansion of databases easier

now, there are no applications that cannot be migrated to the cloud. Amazon CTO Warner Weigel said. Today, key enterprise applications, including databases and ERP, are slowly migrating to the cloud, which has the ability to completely replace the traditional IT architecture. As of August 9, AWS has helped migrate more than 83000 different types of databases to the cloud around the world. Amazon Aurora database service is also one of AWS' fastest-growing businesses

vmware's in-depth cooperation with AWS in database will undoubtedly promote the cloud to the core application layer of the enterprise

VMware is taking greater and greater steps in hybrid cloud. Pat Gelsinger officially announced the acquisition of cloudhealth technologies, a leading provider of cloud service management. Cloudhealth technologies, which has more than 3000 customers worldwide, provides a cloud management platform that spans AWS, azure and Google cloud. This platform can help customers better analyze and manage the cost, availability, security and performance of the public cloud. Forrester's statistics show that 62% of public cloud users are using or plan to use managed private clouds or have established private clouds within enterprises, and hybrid clouds have become the new normal

judging from Pat Gelsinger's statement, he seems to be very satisfied with the current progress of VMware on the hybrid cloud road. Pat Gelsinger and AWS CEO Andy Jassy jointly released new products, and also answered questions with Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell group. VMware's hybrid cloud journey is also an ecological journey. In the next decade of cloud computing, hybrid cloud and multi cloud will set off a revolution with wider thinking and deeper changes on the establishment of the city's information network platform

not long ago, pat Gelsinger and VMware colleagues climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is a charity act. Pat Gelsinger compares VMware's journey of multi cloud management and joint innovation and collaboration with partners to mountaineering, which will be a process of continuous development and climbing

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