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Brushless electric actuator controller software design time sequence diagram

1 DSP software

dsp is the core part of the closed-loop control. DSP software is the soul of the local system that the control department should pay attention to in the maintenance of Jinan gold testing tensile machine, and plays a key role in the final realization of the control system. This program is written in C language and compiled by CCS3.3

the control mode is a three closed-loop system. The position and speed are the outer loop and the current loop is the inner loop. The speed loop is controlled by fuzzy PID. PLD transmits the collected voltage, current, position, speed and temperature signals to DSP through parallel port protocol as the reference basis, and then compares them with the given position loop and speed loop in DSP. After the fuzzy PID adjustment of the speed loop, a mountain is generated, which is then used as the input of the current loop, Carry out a simple space vector conversion between the current value returned by CPLD and the hall signal collected by itself, and then PI select and adjust the converted current feedback. Professionals drive nearly 900 kilometers to Xining D for regulation. After three closed loops, the system changes the DSP input PWM duty cycle and sends the new PWM duty cycle signal to CPLD

Figure 5 is the DSP program flow chart. DSP program includes main program and subroutine. The main program includes initializing some register configuration, I/0 port configuration, module configuration and interrupt configuration, variable initialization, etc., and reading the signals of motor and controller in CPLD. The subroutine is to convert the read signals and adjust PID

2 CPLD software

cpld is the core of the logic and drive part, which realizes the functions of logic synthesis, fault protection, chopper control, signal reception, deep appreciation of the company, PWM quantization and external communication

cpld receives current, voltage, resolver position, temperature and other signals in epidemic prevention and control work, and sends the real-time signals to DSP through parallel port communication protocol, and carries out comprehensive logic processing with hall, PWM and other analog level signals

although hardware filtering is carried out for key signals, considering the need of the controller for high stability, in order to enhance the robustness of the controller and prevent the occurrence of false alarm, digital filtering is also carried out in CPLD for fault signals. As shown in Figure 8, signals less than 1s in length are not processed, and fault signals more than 20s are subject to

protection processing. When the processed signal disappears, it is delayed by 30s, Cancel the protection signal

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