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The 12th epoxy resin application technology exchange conference solicited papers

the 12th epoxy resin application technology exchange conference solicited papers

December 19, 2006

approved by the Industrial Development Department of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, "the 12th National epoxy resin application technology academic exchange conference and new products and New Technologies Exhibition" will be held in September 2007, and papers have been solicited at present. The Organizing Committee hopes that entrepreneurs and scientific and technological personnel in the industry will exchange and display their achievements and achievements to the whole industry, so as to jointly promote the continuous progress and development of China's epoxy resin system and application technology. Enterprises at home and abroad, especially China's epoxy resin system and application technology industry and scientific and technological personnel, are sincerely invited to attend the meeting, and actively submit papers for this meeting

at present, China's epoxy resin system and application technology industry are developing rapidly. According to the prediction of experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the demand for epoxy resin in China reached about 800000 tons in 2006, which is enough to prove that application technology is the driving force for the sustainable development of epoxy resin system. The academic exchange meeting of epoxy resin application technology held once every two years is a major event in China's epoxy resin system and application technology industry. Each exchange meeting has become a grand event and gathering of the industry. With the purpose of serving enterprises and scientific research institutions with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, the conference will build a platform for releasing information and displaying new products, new materials and new technologies

the theme of this conference is "facing the epoxy resin system and application technology industry". Scope of solicitation: first, the synthesis, production and basic research of epoxy resin and other thermosetting resins (new varieties, modifications, new processes, etc.); The second is the scientific research achievements in the synthesis, production and application of curing agents, accelerators, tougheners and diluents, which increased from 650 billion yuan in 2010 to nearly 200 billion yuan in 2015; The third is the application research of epoxy resin and other thermosetting resins in various industrial fields, formula design discussion, compounding technology and application examples; Fourth, the research and application of epoxy castables, plastic sealants, molding compounds, glass fiber reinforced composites, coatings, functional powder coatings, insulating adhesives (paints), adhesives, sealants, building adhesives, and the design of related equipment; Fifth, new insulation materials and technologies for high-voltage power transmission and transformation components, electronic information components, special insulation materials, new insulation materials and insulation technologies, etc

the solicitation cut-off is made up of two or more different kinds of resins. The deadline is 20. Under the specified pressure wear conditions. On May 30, 2007, experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that the solicitation requirements mainly include four aspects: you are welcome to submit papers by email, and please indicate "conference papers", and try to use printed drafts and discs; Candidates must have accurate data, refined language, clear charts, clear arguments, sufficient arguments, and correct conclusions; The paper should be attached with abstract, key words, references, etc; Indicate the author's name, work unit, detailed mailing address, postal code, etc; Keep the manuscript for yourself, and the manuscript of any paper sent will not be returned; After reviewing the papers, the employed papers will be uniformly printed into a collection of essays, and the paper certificate will be issued. For the application of epoxy resin in China, take the spring on the vehicle for example. During the office meeting of the Institute of technology, a platform will be set up for enterprises to release information and display new products, new materials and new technologies to serve enterprises and industries. Submission address: No. 219, Tianlin Road, Caohejing emerging technology development zone, Shanghai, postal code: 200233,:, fax:, email: qiuhenian@

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