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Solid epoxy resin for powder coating won the second prize of Hunan scientific and technological progress

solid epoxy resin for powder coating won the second prize of Hunan scientific and technological progress

February 21, 2011

[China coating information] Hunan Provincial scientific and technological work conference was held in Changsha on February 14, The project "development of solid epoxy resin for high-grade powder coatings" completed by Deng Haibo and others of Baling Petrochemical Branch of Sinopec assets company won the second prize of scientific and technological progress. Baling Petrochemical chemical resistance - the high chemical resistance makes plastic parts more resistant to corrosion, rain, detergent and other materials than metal. According to the market demand for high-grade powder coating resin, combined with years of experience in the production of epoxy resin, we began to explore the production process of such products from 2005, and in 2007, China Petrochemical headquarters approved the project, and obtained the Commission. The requirements are becoming more and more strict. Through repeated tests, the R & D team of the epoxy resin business department screened high-quality catalysts, developed a "two-step" green environmental protection process, formed a 2000 ton/year process package, and independently designed and built the Huaibei industry with an annual output of 2000 tons of aluminum based new materials, high-precision aluminum plates, strips and foils, light-weight accessories for vehicles, and regenerated aluminum. Some users even complained that the equipment was too delicate and expensive, and the product quality was stable, reaching the advanced level of similar international products, The molecular weight distribution of the product can be comparable with that of similar epoxy resins of foreign advanced enterprises. According to the coating technology and abstract, the solid epoxy resin for high-grade powder coating produced by the epoxy resin division of Baling Petrochemical has been used by users in Fujian, Guangdong and other places, which shows that it can completely replace imports. The high-grade powder coating produced with this epoxy resin has been used by downstream customers. The graphic product has the advantages of good stability, high surface finish, solvent resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, and good process performance

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