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As one of the early machine tool enterprises established since the founding of new China, over the past 50 years, especially the 40 years of reform and opening up, it has developed from an unknown machine tool maintenance plant more than 50 years ago to today's three main engine enterprises, four industries Baoji Machine Tools witnessed the ups and downs of China's machine tool industry and supported the backbone of China's machine tool industry

Baoji Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.

in April 1965, under the guidance of the national "Five Year Plan" construction period of "independence, self-reliance" and "preparing for war and famine for the people", the predecessor of Baoji Machine Tool Group - "equipment maintenance stations in the five northwest provinces" was conceived

as one of the early machine tool enterprises established since the founding of new China, over the past 50 years, especially the 40 years of reform and opening up, it has developed from an unknown machine tool maintenance plant more than 50 years ago to today's three major host enterprises, four industries, seven parks, domestic well-known R & D and production bases for medium and high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing bases, and machine tool export bases, Baoji Machine tool has witnessed the ups and downs of China's machine tool industry and supported the backbone of China's machine tool industry

concept innovation and reform lead to great breakthroughs and development.

Baoji Machine tool was born because of the revitalization of national industry, prospered because of reform, and strengthened because of development. After entering the 1980s, the spring tide of China's reform and opening up surged, China's economy developed rapidly, and China's machine tool industry ushered in a "spring" of rapid vice president development. At the beginning of reform and opening up, China's machine tool industry was in a situation of waste waiting to flourish. Baoji Machine Tool people were keenly aware that: being complacent can only go backwards, clinging to the incomplete can only be a dead end, reform is the only way out, and development is the last word. Baoji Machine Tool's several generations of leadership, cadres and employees have worked hard to start a business, writing a brilliant chapter in the foundation, reform and development, transformation and upgrading

Since the 1980s, with the support of the national policy of supporting the development and expansion of the national equipment manufacturing industry, Baoji Machine tool has taken the revitalization of China's machine tool industry as its own responsibility, started on the basis of poverty, carried forward the spirit of hard work and self-improvement, implemented large-scale technological transformation within the enterprise, and completed the numerical control upgrading and improvement of ordinary lathes, In 1996, he won the medal of "the first place in the comprehensive economic benefits of the national metal cutting machine tool industry", and laid a foundation for the development relying on independent innovation. In the new century, the pace of transformation and upgrading has been accelerated. The "Baoji Machine Tool Group Industrial Park" has been completed and put into operation. The annual production capacity of machine tools has exceeded the 10000 mark for the first time. In 2004, it won the "National May Day Labor Award"; Since the 12th Five Year Plan, Baoji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has been exploring a new development path of plastic granulator technology. The research and development and production base of time-honored CNC machine tools has been completed and put into operation, forming a comprehensive research and development building covering an area of 18000 square meters and a 120000 square meter modern plant. The annual production capacity of medium and high-end CNC machine tools has exceeded 3000. The garden style factory of "flowers in three seasons, evergreen in four seasons, civilized and harmonious, clean and orderly" stands in Baoji high tech Zone

the door of China's reform and opening up provides a broad stage for enterprises to "go global". Baoji Machine Tool obtained the right of self-management of foreign trade export as early as the early 1990s. The export grew from scratch, and the scale grew from small to large. It has established a global sales network and after-sales service system, and the maximum annual export earnings exceeded 22million US dollars. Seizing the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road", the "conference of overseas key dealers" was successfully held for two consecutive years. Vietnam's exclusive stores and South Africa's overseas marketing service centers were successively established, and substantial steps were taken to establish a joint venture factory in Penza, Russia. At the end of the 13th five year plan, export earnings are expected to exceed US $50million

The development of Baoji Machine tool has been widely concerned by leaders at all levels and all sectors of society. The enterprise was awarded the "National May Day Labor Award", ranked among the "top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry" and "China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprise", was named as Shaanxi machine tool export base, and was selected into the "first batch of intelligent manufacturing demonstration pilot enterprises in Shaanxi Province". On July 10, 2017, Premier Li Keqiang visited Baoji Machine Tool products when he visited Baoji, and cordially received Li Xiaojia, a representative of highly skilled talents, with the hope that the enterprise would "equip China and go global". Zhao Leji, Liu Yunshan and other central leaders, Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and provincial and municipal leaders at all levels have inspected and guided. In recent years, Baoji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has successfully hosted large-scale activities such as "Baoji craftsmen, smart manufacturing future" - Baoji Machine shop, dealer branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association, domestic CNC machine tool industry conference, "ingenuity, smart manufacturing, win-win cooperation - Baoji Machine Tool Factory open day", and jointly led the sustainable development of China's machine tool industry

The development history of Baoji Machine tool is not only a "struggle and growth history" of self-improvement and fighting the market, but also a "reform and development history" of system reform and scale expansion

in the face of the transformation from traditional planned economy to market economy, Baoji Machine tool is one step ahead and quick, seizing the opportunity of strategic restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and developing and expanding the machine tool industry chain through joint venture and cooperation, equity participation, mergers and acquisitions and other means. Since the 1980s, it has absorbed the former municipal enterprises such as Jintai belt transportation factory, Baoji No.2 Radio Factory, Baoji Water Pump Factory Foundry Branch, Shaanxi Guanzhong tool manufacturing company, Baoji pharmaceutical machinery factory, and established "Baoji Zhongcheng machine tool group" and "Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd." in 2007, the former "Baoji Machine Tool Factory" was restructured into "Baoji Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.", A key step has been taken in establishing and improving the corporate governance structure

focusing on comprehensively deepening the reform of talent mechanism and system, Baoji Machine tool has reformed the production and operation management mechanism since the beginning of the 1990s, broken the egalitarian big pot, took the lead in introducing the competition mechanism into the production management system, implemented the large-scale contracting, and formed an income distribution system that "positions depend on competition, income depends on contribution, people follow positions, positions set wages, pay according to work, get more for more work, encourage innovation, and promote dedication", The wage policy is constantly tilted to the production front line, scientific and technological personnel, marketing personnel and positions that are hard, dirty and dangerous, so as not to let honest people suffer losses. We will implement competitive recruitment for key positions, establish a capable and efficient management team, peel off the social functions of enterprises, reform the setup of logistics service institutions, deepen the reform of "three supplies and one industry", and establish a "big logistics" pattern

rely on scientific and technological innovation to win the initiative in the market

in the tide of reform and opening up, Baoji Machine tool has always been facing a competitive situation of slow progress or retreat, or failure, and is facing a severe test of international competition and industry integration. In order to fundamentally improve the R & D and manufacturing level of domestic CNC machine tools, Baoji Machine tools has accelerated independent innovation, introduced, digested, absorbed and re innovated, accelerated the combination of production, learning and research, established a core talent echelon, and accelerated the transformation of technological achievements. From the maintenance task of mechanical equipment in the initial stage of the plant to the production of CB ordinary lathes and machine tool maintenance Industrial and mining spare parts in the 1970s, from the trial production of the first CS6140 ordinary lathes in 1983 to the trial production of the first economic CNC lathes and full-function CNC lathes in the early 1990s, to the comprehensive development of medium and high-grade, automation and intelligence. At present, 14 categories, more than 200 specifications and more than 400 varieties of products have been formed, creating a leading Many "firsts" in the industry and in the world. Since the 1990s, Baoji Machine tool has successfully entered Tangshan Aisin gear company, a Japanese funded enterprise, with excellent products and services, and has become a qualified supplier for domestic Japanese funded enterprises, providing tens of thousands of high-end CNC equipment for high-end fields such as automobile, aviation, aerospace, military industry, agricultural machinery, nuclear power, etc

since the "12th Five Year Plan", the enterprise has undertaken and participated in more than 30 major national science and technology projects and brain replacement projects in 2004, some of which have reached the industry-leading level and achieved mass production. Ck7516gs high-speed CNC lathes and bm63150c precision CNC lathes are widely used in the processing of precision parts such as automobile and aviation. The joint undertaking of the domestic intelligent production line project of auto parts has realized the "made in China" of key auto parts for the first time. In April this year, two new generation fully intelligent machine tool concept machines jointly developed by Baoji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance in the 10th China CNC machine tool exhibition, which was called "intelligent machine tool in the true sense" by the industry. The intelligent production line of parts of the company realizes small batch production, the DNC project of digital workshop is put into operation, and the digital chemical plant will be built in 2022

the forging craftsman team shows the quality of ingenuity

Baoji Machine tool has adhered to its main business and focused on machine tools for more than 50 years. With the mission of "ingenuity to build a good machine tool in China" and the vision of "building a century old enterprise and creating a world brand", it adheres to the core values of "integrity, realism, refinement, focus and win-win", vigorously advocates the code of action of "telling the truth, doing practical things, and seeking practical results", and cultivates and forms the "ingenuity" culture of Baoji Machine

the original intention shows feelings, and the mission is undertaken. Baoji is the hometown of Chinese bronzes, the birthplace of Zhou Qin culture, and an important node city on the ancient Silk Road. Baoji Machine Tool inherits the "craftsman spirit" of bronze carving and excellence and the "quality integrity" of every word. Under the guidance of craftsmanship culture, Baoji Machine Tool adheres to the "iron fist grasp quality and carefully create brand". Since 1996, it has carried out "quality trustworthy" activities among front-line employees, insisted on carrying out mass economic and technological innovation activities such as team building, small-scale reform, comprehensive physical and chemical suggestions, QC, and held post training, technical competition Labor competition, review and employment of senior technicians and technicians are held every two years, a normalized and institutionalized talent recognition and reward conference system is established, and a large number of "machine craftsmen" and "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" teams have emerged. Now, the enterprise has more than 100 technical R & D backbones above the Engineer in charge, and more than 40 technical workers who have won the titles above the municipal level. If you want to confirm the specific cause of the failure of the change-over valve, you can remove it for experimental inspection. There are two skill master studios, haorong national and yangzhongzhou provincial. In February this year, Tian haorong was honorably elected as a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, becoming the first NPC Representative to grow up from the production line. In the past two years, we have unremittingly carried out basic management, brand management objectives and "iron fist action", introduced excellent performance management mode, benchmarked industry benchmark enterprises, strengthened the improvement and improvement of all staff, all-round and whole process quality management, and won the "Shaanxi Quality Award"

in the past two years, Baoji Machine tools has continuously provided high-end CNC machine tools and technical support services for the finals of the national CNC skills competition and the first intelligent manufacturing application technology skills competition. The finals of CNC machining center operators and CNC machine tool assembly and maintenance workers of the sixth national workers' vocational skills competition, which was organized, supported and named by Baoji, are about to start. "All intelligent Baoji Machine Manufacturing" will vigorously promote the national competition

new era, new starting point and new journey. The 19th CPC National Congress made a new requirement of "implementing the new development concept and building a modern economic system". High-quality development is the "hard requirement" of China's future economic growth.

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