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Analysis of the design and universal implementation process of anti-counterfeiting solutions (Part 2)

the development direction of complete solutions in the anti-counterfeiting market at present

1. "Turnkcy" next process. That is, through complete demand analysis, internal design, external design, scheme certification, scheme implementation and other links, from scratch, develop the whole mountain solutions that are most suitable for customers' business needs and anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting needs

2. A more comprehensive enterprise level product anti-counterfeiting solution -- enterprise customer service system. Including anti-counterfeiting logo production, anti-counterfeiting identification methods, anti-counterfeiting methods, publicity and training. Anti counterfeiting inquiry software, anti counterfeiting and anti fleeing goods direction finding prompt software, hardware configuration, software installation, database establishment and use, communication with consumers and other comprehensive and systematic management and consulting services

3. provide more mature solutions. Select mature solutions suitable for customers' business needs, and carry out addition, deletion, heterogeneous environment transplantation, localization, personalization and other work according to customers' actual requirements. At the same time, provide tracking services for the fourth category of emerging new basic materials, thermal insulation plastic building materials

4. Industry level anti-counterfeiting solutions continue to emerge. With the continuous development of technology and the expansion of market space, anti-counterfeiting professional enterprises should grasp their own business development direction, organize experts to help industry planning, recommend or plan innovative anti-counterfeiting products and apply them, and provide accurate analysis of the ways and methods of counterfeiting, counterfeiting and counterfeiting on the basis of understanding industry information, technology development trends, advanced application modes at home and abroad, and the latest anti-counterfeiting methods at home and abroad, Avoid ineffective input from industry and customers, so that industry customers have a definite purpose in their choice

examples of anti-counterfeiting solutions small batch anti-counterfeiting logo solutions

the anti-counterfeiting industry has always adopted a customized marketing model. This mode can not only reduce the cost, but also obtain completely personalized anti-counterfeiting design juice for customers who need to do a large number of anti-counterfeiting signs, which can meet the needs of enterprise users to the greatest extent. However, due to the particularity of some domestic industries, there is a need for anti-counterfeiting and the use of signs is less, such as motorcycle helmets, famous brand water pumps, famous brand diesel engines, etc. no matter what kind of anti-counterfeiting signs are used, they are faced with the amortization of design and plate making costs and small batch processing costs, which to a certain extent hinders the enthusiasm of enterprises to use advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. In response to this situation, Anxin anti-counterfeiting company launched a low-cost and high-quality anti-counterfeiting enhanced logo solution, which not only meets the personalized needs of enterprises, but also allows enterprises to enjoy many benefits brought by high security anti-counterfeiting technology

basic principles

combined with the well-known anti-counterfeiting identification characteristics of advanced anti-counterfeiting products such as banknotes, passports, national visas, etc., and using comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology, a self-adhesive label polishing and signing high-tech platform focusing on popular anti-counterfeiting identification technology is established. When users use it, Anxin anti-counterfeiting company is responsible for completing partial information personalization or product coding personalization, and customers can use the logo directionally according to the agreement with the company

features of anti-counterfeiting technology

1. Reputation complementarity: anti counterfeiting product suppliers are combined with the reputation of users for a long time to jointly face forgery attacks; The direct result of this is to improve the credibility of the technical content of anti-counterfeiting marks. Suppliers will not play a trick on the reputation of their ABS appearance as opaque Ivory pellets, but completely stand on the side of users. That is, "protect your brand with our trademark"

2. Make anti-counterfeiting logo products from full customization to semi-finished products, and reasonably solve the contradiction between standardized services and personalized needs

3. Meet the needs of one to tens of thousands of anti-counterfeiting labels, and there is no so-called "starting quantity" limit on the number of user labels, which solves the problem that a small number of products in the past could not use advanced anti-counterfeiting technology

4. Provide identification with low cost and high anti-counterfeiting performance for low output value products

5. Use the concept of "authorized anti-counterfeiting", that is, users must provide the purpose and quantity of anti-counterfeiting marks. As "Anxin" is a registered trademark, in case of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, suppliers will first bear the heavy responsibility of cracking down on counterfeiting

6. As a high-end product -- a powerful supplement to personalized anti-counterfeiting customized labels

basic function of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label

main function: "protection function", that is, through the use of labels, it shows the awareness of enterprises to actively protect products, protect the market and protect the rights and interests of consumers; Auxiliary function: "proof function", that is, to prove the service and reputation of high-quality goods through unified and convenient identification of anti-counterfeiting signs by consumers

"guiding function", that is, through scientific guidance, to help consumers choose goods or services correctly, so as to more effectively guide consumers to consume scientifically, reasonably, safely and healthily,

"supporting the excellent and limiting the inferior function", that is, through the use of labels, to support high-quality products and restrict fake and inferior goods

basic technical requirements of anti-counterfeiting labels

1. Banknote level anti-counterfeiting ability: it can prevent traditional forgery methods such as color copying, scanning instrument scanning, commercial photographic plate making, electronic color separation plate making, etc

2. Legibility: ordinary consumers should be able to directly identify the authenticity of labels by using banknote recognition knowledge or label marking methods, without the help of tools

3. Easy to use: it is convenient for anti-counterfeiting users to use the label, so the label is pasted with self-adhesive

4. It can prevent mass reuse: because the label itself has die-cutting marks, it is not easy to uncover and reuse, which will play a significant role in preventing mass removal from product a and then pasting it on product B

5. Local personalization ability: the label will reserve an area for the use of personalized technology, and use other printing methods that are convenient for personalization, such as silk printing, hot stamping technology and printing technology

in the face of increasingly complex and diverse customer needs, it is the pursuit of anti-counterfeiting technology practitioners to establish mature and stable industry or enterprise level anti-counterfeiting solutions to help customers achieve their market goals, and anti-counterfeiting solutions are the crystallization created by the anti-counterfeiting industry and customers, and a powerful means to combat counterfeiting

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