Solar energy will become the second largest power

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Solar energy will become the second largest power generation in 2040, second only to natural gas

the International Energy Agency IEA recently released the highly anticipated "world energy outlook 2040". Although it is difficult to assert that it will not predict the future, but provides a way to explore different possible futures, it does not escape the fact that policymakers around the world will pay attention to this report to help formulate their energy agenda

the report points out that carbon dioxide emissions are rising (1.6%) in 2017, when 2 auto parts experimental machines were fully digitally amplified and collected), "after three years of flat", they may continue to "continue the slow upward trend until 2040", which is "far from the pace required to deal with climate change according to the scientific knowledge of relaxation experiments dedicated to steel strands, galvanized steel wires, ribbed bars and other materials"

in general, IEA has assumed four energy scenarios for 2040: the current policy scenario (CPS), which reflects the situation that today's policies have not changed; New policy scenarios (NPS), including published policies and objectives; The SDS of sustainable development universal testing machine aims to achieve climate goals, provide universal energy access and clean air, and manufacture aluminum in copper aluminum transition terminals; The electrification future scenario (FIEs), which envisages the increasingly important role of the power industry

on a relatively positive side, IEA found that by 2040, solar photovoltaic power generation capacity will exceed all other energy sources except natural gas in each case. Specifically, in the NPs scenario, solar PV will surpass wind power by 2025, hydropower by 2030, and coal power by 2040; In the FIEs scenario, solar PV will catch up with natural gas in 2040

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