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Product overview of radial drilling machine

a drilling machine in which the spindle box can move on the radial arm and rotate around the column with the radial arm. The rocker arm can also move up and down along the column to adapt to the processing of workpieces with different heights. After the main load of the smaller workpiece is added, the pointer jitter can be installed on the workbench, and the larger workpiece can be directly placed on the machine base or the ground with outstanding TPU bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance. Radial drilling machines are widely used in single piece and small and medium-sized batch production to process the holes of workpieces with large volume and weight

the main variants of radial drilling machines are sliding seat type and universal type. The sliding type radial drilling machine is made by changing the base of the basic radial drilling machine into a sliding seat. The sliding seat can move along the guide rail of the bed to expand the processing range. It is suitable for boiler, bridge, locomotive and rolling stock, shipbuilding and other industries. In addition to vertical and rotary movements, the rocker arm of the universal rocker drilling machine can also move horizontally. The spindle box can make tilt adjustment on the rocker arm to adapt to the processing of various parts of the workpiece. In addition, there are car type, wall type and digital control radial drilling machines

drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment, which can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and scraping. After a few years, the end face needs to be replaced and other forms of processing. Drilling machines can be divided into vertical drilling machines, bench drilling machines, multi hole drilling machines, radial drilling machines and other special drilling machines according to the use and structure of the details. Among all kinds of drilling machines, radial drilling machines are easy to operate, flexible, and typical in a wide range of applications. They are especially suitable for single piece or batch production of holes with porous large parts. They are common machine tools in general machining workshops

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