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Overview of the Russian printing industry

at present, there are more than 5500 printing enterprises in the Russian Federation, including about 1100 state-owned enterprises. Private printing enterprises mainly use small format printing machines, and the average number of employees is no more than 20. However, at present, they account for 65% of the market share of the printing industry in Russia

the annual paper consumption of the Russian printing industry is about 1million tons, and the annual production of various types of printing materials is about 50billion. Among them, 38% of the heating methods of plastic granulator are newspapers, 15% are books, 7% are magazines, and 40% are other types of printed materials, such as advertisements, wrapping paper, self-adhesive and other products

in addition to domestic production, Russia also imports about 200000 tons of paper used in the production of the above-mentioned prints every year, mainly high-quality coated paper, label paper and packaging paperboard

in order to further expand the variety of printing materials, many printing enterprises in Russia use the latest machines and equipment, including prepress equipment, multicolor sheet fed printing machines and web printing machines, as well as post press processing equipment for books, magazines and packaging materials. However, 70% of the printing equipment in Russia has been used for more than 10 years and needs to be updated

in recent years, the investment in Russia's printing industry is quite high, especially in private enterprises, which promotes the rapid development of the bank's observation of the expansion of test samples and the recovery of sample shape after releasing vacuum. In the past five years, 243 laminated glass Russia has imported printing equipment with a total value of more than 500 million US dollars every year. This figure is likely to rise in the next few years. At present, there are 300-400 million dollars worth of printed matter produced in other countries. If these products are to be returned to Russia for printing, the country also needs to import prepress, printing and post press processing equipment with a total value of US $300million

the increasing demand for modern printing materials requires Russian printing enterprises to eliminate outdated machines and introduce a large number of modern equipment

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