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Paper review: the new development of the international carton packaging market (middle)

5. Milk powder

in December 2004, Wyeth, which has always occupied the high-end market of infant formula milk powder, comprehensively launched boxed milk powder in China, focusing on the mid-range price milk powder market. The use of carton packaging of milk powder is the first in the industry, and reducing costs is the primary factor Wyeth considers. The boxed milk powder not only meets the selection requirements of consumers, but also costs much less than canned milk. For example, the retail price of 400g boxed hardcover infant formula is 20% - 25% lower than that of tinned milk powder of the same quality and quantity. Boxed milk powder has the advantages of safety, hygiene and low cost, which will be a new trend of milk powder packaging. Due to the use of carton packaging, its cost is far lower than that of canned products: the retail price of 400g boxed products is only grams, which is 20% - 25% lower than the price of canned products. After gaining a firm foothold in the high-end market, Wyeth adopted a new carton packaging production line to launch medium and low-grade products, seizing every opportunity to develop ordinary consumers, causing a new round of impact on domestic milk powder manufacturers

6. French fries

Inner Mongolia Hyde food launched a new product of paper box packaging of French fries at a sugar and Wine Fair. The packaging is paper box packaging, large at the bottom and small at the top, with curved flaps on the top. The background pattern is the picture of the back pocket of jeans, and the tear is just the flap of the trouser pocket. This design is unique in many snack food packaging. The design and production of the outer packaging of this model is completed by a design and packaging company in the United States. The package contains not only fresh French fries, but also ketchup bags and napkins. The French fries bag is mainly targeted at young groups represented by college students

7. Detergent

a company introduced a new type of paper box with funnel for detergent packaging. It consists of two parts: packaging carton and hopper device for internal dose control. The two parts are folded and pasted together in the automotive industry to form a container with certain compressive strength and easy to open. This package uses 370gsm cardboard of frvilight Kraft and adopts 4-color offset printing. Its remarkable feature is that consumers can pour a certain amount of detergent into the dishwasher without touching the detergent with their hands. This kind of packing is suitable for all kinds of dishwashers. Relevant people pointed out that functionality and practicality are the brand, specification and status of this carton package a material; The most prominent feature of the decoration. The structural design of the package ensures that the user can use the container itself to control the correct amount of content (detergent)

new progress in carton packaging technology

cardboard color cartons are a kind of widely used sales packaging containers. Its manufacturing process is relatively complex, and it needs to go through processing procedures such as fixed width paper cutting, decoration printing, glazing, calendering and laminating, die cutting and indentation, folding and pasting boxes. In the past, all processes were mainly single machine production with single function, and some were supplemented by manual operation. The production efficiency was low, the labor intensity was high, and the quality of cartons was not high. With the application of cad/cam, numerical control, laser and other high-tech in the carton industry, the mechanization and automation of cartons have been greatly improved. For example, the emergence of high-speed full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine has increased the working efficiency by nearly 10 times compared with the card box machine that needed manual operation in the past; The successful development of automatic folding and pasting machine has ended the history of manual pasting of commonly used cartons. The use of cam equipment such as automatic cutter, automatic bending cutter, carton proofing machine, CNC laser graphic cutting machine, etc. can be described as a technological revolution in the production of box die-cutting board

20 Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group is the world's leading supplier of characteristic materials, process technology and automation solutions. In March 2005, Lipton company, affiliated to Unilever food company, installed Markem smartlase laser coding system on 13 tea paper box packaging production lines. Lipton company used to mark and code cartons with wax spraying equipment. Because the coding processed by wax spraying equipment is not enough, the company feels that it must replace the existing equipment. The coding based on wax may be physically damaged, and a mechanism to prevent and resolve excess capacity may be established, which may be wiped off the packaging. The factory installed 12 smartlase systems. Smartlase laser coder is a low-power carbon dioxide digital system, which can quickly process high-quality permanent codes. These encoders are compact and can provide clear marks and codes. The operation cost is low, the reliability is very high, and the design strives to be compact. The laser coder accelerates the production speed of Lipton's packaging line, and the coding quality of printing is greatly improved, without toxic ink and consumables

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