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Overview of Guangdong Printing Industry

since the implementation of the opening-up and reform policy, China's economic work has achieved rapid development. The printing industry, which is closely related to the spiritual and material life of the people, has developed rapidly in Guangdong Province under the influence and drive of Hong Kong printing enterprises with developed printing industry. It not only meets the needs of all walks of life in the province, but also undertakes a large number of domestic and foreign products, becoming the pillar industry of Guangdong Province and the main base of China's printing industry. It is regarded by the same industry as a big printing province and a strong printing Province in China

the main characteristics of Guangdong printing industry are:

 1 With rapid development, the production capacity has exceeded the needs of local enterprises. With the reform and opening up, the number of printing enterprises has increased nearly 20 times. According to statistics, there are now 10112 printing enterprises, with 356369 employees, a total industrial output value of 37.5 billion yuan, a product sales revenue of 47 billion yuan, a fixed asset balance of 22.3 billion yuan, and a total of 5.81 million tons of printing paper in the whole year. Among them, the relocation of some Hong Kong funded enterprises and the establishment of foreign-funded and joint ventures have greatly improved printing productivity, enabling printing enterprises to undertake printing business in foreign and other domestic provinces

2. There are a wide range of printing products, including traditional offset printing, embossing printing, gravure printing, and the new development of flexographic printing, digital printing, laser printing, etc., which can meet the needs of various printing and product packaging customers. It can also print words and patterns of various specifications required by customers in various materials such as ceramics, cloth, glass, plastic, bamboo and wood products

3. Printing enterprises with various economic systems will coexist for a long time. Diversification of economic entities. State owned, collective, joint-stock, cooperative, private, Sino foreign joint venture, Sino foreign cooperation, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and other enterprises account for a certain proportion. In recent years, due to the continuous change of the economic system, there have been mixed economic system enterprises, which are the new economic system in recent years

4. With advanced equipment, a considerable number of printing enterprises in Guangdong Province have owned the most advanced printing market in the world. The bullish sentiment has changed after cashing in; Futures: Coke 1605 contract raised production, printing and post press processing equipment in the afternoon. From the most advanced digital printing machines, high-speed commercial rotary machines, flat-panel six color and eight color offset printing machines, computer direct plate making, large-scale inkjet equipment, general enterprises also have advanced prepress production equipment, multi-color offset printing machines, while manual binding production equipment and manual operation equipment have been basically eliminated

5. Advanced management level. There are about 1000 foreign-funded enterprises in Guangdong, all of which adopt foreign management methods, and the rest of state-owned and collective enterprises also absorb advanced management methods. Nearly 60 enterprises have obtained ISO900 certification

6. With a good sense of service, Guangdong's market economy is fully developed, and enterprises have a strong sense of competition. They can work hard on product quality and service, which is welcomed by users at home and abroad. Customers are all over the domestic provinces, and foreign-funded enterprises also account for a considerable number of users at home and abroad

looking forward to the future, the printing industry in Guangdong will continue to develop rapidly in the next few years. 1. The fixtures equipped with the experimental machine should be coated with antirust oil for storage; In Chaoyang industry, the economic system will have joint-stock enterprises as the main body, large printing enterprises will be collectivized, and small enterprises will develop towards specialization, refinement, specialty and innovation. Printing equipment is developing towards multi-color, high-speed, functional diversification and automation. Packaging products will focus on non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and other directions. Quickly integrate with the international community. Participate in international competition. After China's accession to the WTO, the market will be fully liberalized, and the competition in all walks of life will be more intense. I believe that relying on its own advantages and making full use of external conditions, China has made remarkable achievements in international competition, and has greater room for survival and development. The printing industry in Guangdong is just around the corner

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