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Plastic raw materials - Market Overview

international market: the low price of PE in China and Southeast Asia further puts downward pressure on the PE market, and the price trend is downward. Even below the yield limit, Indian cargoes entered Asia, destroying the purchase price. A large number of Indian high-density PE cargoes circulated in the market, and the price was lower than 600 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia). At the same time, some Korean manufacturers also reduced their prices in the situation of reduced trade in the past few weeks, adjusting down 10-20 US dollars/ton to 615 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia)

although the PE quotation in October is not transparent at present, major manufacturers believe that due to the tight supply in the Middle East, the price in September will be used in October. Before the end of the financial quarter settlement at the end of the month, domestic manufacturers reduced their quotations significantly in order to clear their inventory and in view of the arrival of the National Day holiday and market uncertainties. Signs of decline in PP market prices have been confirmed this week. It is said that 10000-15000 tons of Indian cargoes are being shipped to Asia, and the quotation of USD/ton (CFR Asia) has obviously hit the purchase price. The purchase price of Chinese buyers is less than 650 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong, China). Chinese buyers stopped buying before the National Day holiday, and the dealers expected the price to be lower after the holiday, so they also left the market. India's original quotation of 670 US dollars/ton (CF experimental aircraft and people are actually similar, R China's main port) lacked purchasing power, and then reduced the price to 650 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), while the counter-offer was as low as 630 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port)

domestic market: under the pressure of the downward trend of the external price, which will provide reliable testing services for enterprises in a timely manner and the joint price reduction and inventory clearance of domestic petrochemical enterprises, the domestic market in most parts of the country kicked off a storm again at the beginning of this week. Prices fell sharply, sales were under pressure, domestic petrochemical enterprises' inventories remained high, and the sharp plunge in the contrast of the international market further deepened the middlemen's panic about selling goods. After a round of decline, over the weekend, the inventory of petrochemical enterprises decreased significantly, and the market decline gradually slowed down. Some middlemen were ready to return to the market. They believed that the current price decline was basically close to the bottom, and there would be room for oversold rebound. Some middlemen began to attract goods at low prices, temporarily lacking the courage to hoard goods. Driven by this atmosphere, most parts of China have shown signs of stabilizing day by day, Middlemen are more cautious than previous purchases

1) LDPE: due to the speed skating in the international market and downstream demand. 4. Filter: the filter without infarct instigator continues to be flat. In addition, in order to alleviate the inventory pressure, Yanshan, Qilu, Shanghai, PetroChina and other petrochemical companies have frequently introduced flexible sales strategies and significantly reduced the ex factory price, which makes the market in most parts of China repeat last week's weakness this week, and the price continues to decline, At 7300 yuan/ton (East China, North China, central China) and 7400 yuan/ton (South China, Southwest China), the price fell by 100 yuan/ton compared with last week, which hindered sales

2) LLDPE: affected by the impact of cheap Indian goods and the concentrated low-cost dumping of middlemen, coupled with the impact of the declining international market, the market in most parts of China was depressed this week, and the price fell by 100 yuan/ton. After (East China, North China, central China, South China) and (South China, southwest) yuan/ton, Zhongyuan and Tianjin Petrochemical took the lead in introducing batch price reduction measures, accelerating the market to the bottom, Some middlemen have a desire to re-enter the market. Due to relatively few resources in South China, many middlemen return to the market to participate in trade, and the market has been stable, while in other regions, due to more resources, the market trend is still oscillating, but the price decline is becoming more and more gentle

3) HDPE (wire drawing material): due to the continuous pressure of low-cost Indian supply, the market in most parts of the country continued to fall this week, and the price hit a new low, hovering at the price of yuan/ton, down yuan/ton from last week

4) PP (wire drawing material): under the attack of the invasion of low prices in India and the serious surplus of domestic resources, and affected by the atmosphere of low-pressure, high-pressure and linear market decline, the market in East China, North China and central China was quiet this week, and the price ignited a new round of price reduction again. The price fell by 200 yuan/ton, and the sales were difficult in (India) and (domestic) yuan/ton

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