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Scanner and digital printing market overview III

II. The prospect of digital camera is promising

with the maturity of digital camera technology and the decline in price, along with the popularity of computers and the wide application of the Internet, digital camera has become a new favorite in the IT market, as well as a hot topic of image input like scanner

although the development history of digital cameras has been more than 20 years, it did not develop significantly until the 1990s with the continuous maturity of technology. In 1997, the global sales volume reached 2million units, and the shipment volume in 1999 was 4.9 million units. According to the survey and prediction of the Nikkei MA (markei access), the global digital camera market could reach 11million units in 2000. Although the overall global economic growth slowed down in 2001, it will increase by 71.3% over 2000 to 18.54 million units. Some experts predict that the number of digital cameras in the world will reach 22million by 2003. It is expected that the global digital camera industry will maintain a growth rate of 10% in the past two years, and the global digital camera industry will be about 20million in 2002. In some western countries, digital cameras have gradually emerged to replace traditional cameras

China's digital camera market started relatively late. At the end of 1996, Casio and Kodak's digital cameras entered the Chinese market. Although the sales volume and sales volume are still very low, the development speed is considerable. According to the data released by CCID, the sales volume of digital cameras in China was 74000 in 1999, 136000 in 2000, and it is expected to reach 225000 in 2001, 386000 in 2002, and 662000 in 2003. It will grow at a rate of about 70% in recent years

2001 is a year of rapid development of digital cameras in China. Although 2million pixel scanners are still the mainstream products in the market, facing the increasingly competitive digital camera market, there are many new products. For example, in May, Sony launched a 3.5 million pixel DSC-S75, and a 4million pixel dsc-s855 million pixel dsc-f707 digital camera. Olympus launched the 4million pixel c-4040z in August, and soon launched the 5million pixel SLR digital camera e-20p. In addition, 4million pixel and 5million pixel digital cameras from Canon, Casio, Nikon, Minolta and other manufacturers have also appeared. The pixels of the digital camera are soaring. At present, the highest pixel is Kodak's DCS Pro ba. According to jjf1001 general Metrological Terms and definitions, CK digital camera has 16million pixels. At the same time with high pixel number, there are also the overall improvement of the performance of the digital camera, higher continuous shooting speed, more accurate Photometric Performance, richer shooting modes, better image noise reduction technology, etc., which have greatly improved the image quality of the digital camera. At the same time, there are also some CMOS digital cameras with less than 2million pixels

due to the limited market space, the market of digital cameras is mainly occupied by Kodak, Olympus, Epson, Canon, Sony and other companies. Facing the large-scale attack of foreign well-known manufacturers, domestic traditional cameras have been born into foreign automobile brands. Now plastic composites and high-performance engineering plastics and other manufacturers have been widely used, such as seagull, Phoenix and other manufacturers have also begun to produce digital cameras. In the middle and low-end market, the original scanner manufacturers from Taiwan began to attack wantonly with their advantages in the photoelectric field, and brands such as Microtek and Mustek have emerged in the market. The competition between Kodak and Fuji is also a key factor affecting the trend of the domestic digital camera market. For example, in April 2001, Fuji company established a digital camera production base in Suzhou. On September 18, Kodak company established a Dahai digital camera production plant with seagull in Shanghai. On November 12, Kodak and digital China held a grand signing ceremony in Beijing, announcing the formation of a strategic partnership between the two sides, Jointly explore China's digital camera market, which indicates that China's digital camera market will enter a period of rapid growth. Table 2 and table 3 show some digital cameras with more than 3-5 megapixels

third, the competition between scanners and digital cameras

China's scanner market has begun to enter a mature period. As a new type of digital image input device, digital camera has posed a certain threat to the scanner market because of its flexible and convenient use, unlimited location, and the ability to take moving images

1. digital cameras gradually replace low-end scanners

with the continuous maturity of digital camera technology and the decline in price, digital cameras with 1-2 million pixels have begun to enter the family. Digital camera has unparalleled advantages over ordinary cameras. It can be processed quickly without film and avoids the waiting time of developing film. The digital camera has the advantages of flexibility, strong adaptability and convenient use, which are unmatched by the scanner. With the continuous improvement of quality and the continuous decline of price, digital cameras will be favored by more individuals and families

at present, the sharp decline in the price of low-end scanners has reduced the profits of manufacturers to the extreme, resulting in losses, and finally weakened the competitive strength of enterprises. In the long run, manufacturers will even give up producing low-end scanners. Therefore, the low-end scanner market will gradually disappear, replaced by the home digital camera market

2. film scanners are challenged

now medium and high-end digital cameras have played an outdoor shooting role that scanners cannot play in desktop publishing and printing. With the continuous improvement of the quality of medium and high-end digital cameras, it will pose a great threat to the film scanner

film scanners are specially used to scan films, and the general optical resolution is between 2500dpi-4000dpi. Due to the high requirements of photoelectric processing technology, the requirements for production technology are also high. At present, the main domestic products include scanmaker 4000t and 4000t plus of Microtek, fs-2710 of Canon, Acer scanwit 2720s and 2740s of BenQ, RFS 3600 of Kodak, uy-s90 of Sony, super coolscan 4000 ed of Nikon Minolta's Dimage scan dual II and other film scanners are not very competitive with each other. However, due to the fast aging of digital cameras, people who take digital photography have begun to use medium and high-end digital cameras. In order to launch the digital camera market, Canon provided free opportunity borrowing services to sports photographers at the 2001 Ninth National Games. It is reported that at major sports events such as the 2002 World Cup, Canon also plans to provide professional photographers with a more advanced digital camera EOS 1D. Photographers can transmit the captured content to the distance through a laptop computer in a few seconds, providing wonderful sports pictures, which is fast and convenient. Kodak, Fuji and other manufacturers have set up many fast color printing shops, which can wash digital photos on traditional photo paper. These are not available in film scanners

in short, with the continuous development of digital printing technology, people's recognition and acceptance of digital input devices - scanners and digital cameras are improving. Especially in prepress system and CTP technology, the role of scanner and digital camera is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, many manufacturers have established scanner and digital camera production bases, and have developed to a certain scale. The scanner market will shift from product-oriented to customer-oriented, and the competition will increase. Competition will promote development and promote the development of scanners and digital cameras in China

source: keyin media - Zhang Guilan

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