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Overview of self-adhesive label printing equipment

self adhesive label printing equipment is generally divided into three categories: flexographic printing is the main method, which is mostly found in North American countries; With flexographic printing as the main method, supplemented by embossing, it is favored by European users; Embossing, supplemented by flexographic printing, is the first choice in the Asia Pacific region. China's self-adhesive label printing industry: there are many small and medium-sized printing plants and few professional large printing plants; Printing plants have more primary equipment and less high-end equipment. The development of self-adhesive label printing market is uneven: coastal areas are developed, followed by the central region, and inland areas are relatively backward. In terms of self-adhesive label printing, relief printing is the main method, and continuous paper feeding is the most advanced method to check whether the abetting light is correct; The brush type is reciprocating, followed by intermittent paper feeding, which is the most primary and the lowest precision paper feeding method. Sheet fed self-adhesive label printing is a unique processing method in China, which has been rarely seen abroad. The domestic self-adhesive label printing level is only in the primary stage, which is far behind the world's advanced level. Not only in the printing equipment, but also in the design of printing technology, printing materials and labels

1. Letterpress self-adhesive label printing equipment

there are two equipment manufacturers mainly producing letterpress round self-adhesive label printing equipment - Ko pack from Japan and Shanghai Xinmin Taiyang, a Japanese wholly-owned enterprise in China. The products belong to the satellite continuous paper feeding printing machine, which is configured with 6-color UV relief printing and a group of UV glazing; Optional circular die-cutting, flat die-cutting, corona treatment, sheet cutting and sheet receiving devices. In order to ensure the accuracy of UV glazing, Ko pack and Xinmin sun have changed the traditional roller glazing to flexo glazing. The varnish coating amount is determined by the number of lines of the roller, which is not affected by pressure and printing speed, ensuring the consistency of the gloss of the printed matter

the flat pressing intermittent paper feeding label printing equipment is also a common equipment for label printing. The main manufacturers are Taiwan Wanxun, Ruian Zhongtian, etc. The main transmission mechanism of the equipment is changed from the traditional mechanical transmission to the electromechanical shaftless transmission. The paper feeding length can be preset by the computer, and the roller automatically pulls the material to feed the paper, completely eliminating the mechanical error. Another significant change is the installation of UV drying device and the use of UV ink, which expands the scope of label printing, improves the printing speed, and eliminates the lamination process

2. Flexographic self-adhesive label printing equipment

all such equipment are narrow width flexographic printing machines, mainly domestic products, such as Shanghai Ziguang, Xi'an Heiniu, Wuxi Baonan, etc. the equipment has two characteristics:

① using UV ink instead of water-based ink, UV ink has good stability, and avoids frequent cleaning of printing plates and inking systems. More importantly, the color density of UV ink is greater than that of water-based ink, which can improve the printing quality of labels

② the direct laser plate making technology without film is widely used, which avoids the loss of small points and the merging of large points, improves the image level, and greatly improves the graphic definition and printing quality

flexographic self-adhesive label is the future development direction. At present, the flexographic printing equipment produced by domestic enterprises using domestic resources and foreign technology is gradually accepted by domestic printing enterprises in terms of printing quality and price. The market share of applying flexographic self-adhesive label is rapidly creating a commercial competitive advantage growth for many products

3. Die cutting equipment

self adhesive labels have two printing and processing methods: one-step, that is, printing and die cutting are completed at one time. One end of the machine inputs raw materials, and the other end produces finished labels, which is suitable for simple label production. Step by step, that is, the printing and die cutting of labels are carried out on two equipment, which is suitable for label production with complex graphics and texts, many processes and large quantities; Step by step processing can reduce costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency

① web circular pressing die-cutting machine

the off-line die-cutting machine can not only process the printed self-adhesive label roll materials, but also directly die-cut blank labels, folding or cutting sheets, with high efficiency and precision

② sheet fed flattening die-cutting machine

self adhesive labels offset with sheet fed paper account for 10% of the total label output in China at present

these products are all die-cutting on the flat pressing manual die-cutting machine, which is not suitable for self-adhesive materials, with high labor intensity, low production efficiency and poor die-cutting quality

as a major label producer, China is also the country with the greatest potential for self-adhesive label printing. In the future, self-adhesive label printing will develop in many aspects. Label printing plants with various business scopes and processing types have their own development space. In the future, the self-adhesive label printing equipment market will be very prosperous. New equipment will gradually replace old equipment, and printing technology and process coexist in many forms

1. Flexographic printing equipment, especially UV flexographic printing equipment, will increase rapidly in the field of self-adhesive label printing, and the market share and quality level of domestic equipment will also be greatly improved. The main reasons are the rapid development of plate making technology, more perfect supporting services in the flexo printing market, and more standardized label printing market

2. Rotary embossing equipment

at present, all rotary embossing machines are occupied by imported equipment, including Ko pack in Japan and labelman in Taiwan. There is basically no place to promote the sustainable development of the energy environment (Taihang printing machine has produced several prototypes). As long as the quality of domestic equipment is stable, such equipment will quickly occupy the domestic market

3. As the most popular equipment in the self-adhesive label printing industry, the semi rotary embossing equipment of circular pressing and reciprocating paper feeding will have a rapid development. With moderate price and stable printing quality, it is suitable for different types of orders (large batch, small batch and temporary proofing). But the disadvantage is that the speed is slow, there are certain requirements for the quality of raw materials, and there are overprint defects

4. Circular flattening relief printing equipment

used to be the main equipment for self-adhesive label printing, but this kind of equipment has two major defects: inaccurate overprint and reciprocating embossing cylinder, which is easy to cause label overprint error; Low efficiency, when running at high speed, the machine vibrates violently and cannot be produced normally, so it will be phased out

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