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Overview of silk engraving (Part 2)

Second, the landing and rooting of silk engraving in China

China's silk engraving appeared under the cultural background of reform and opening up in the late 1990s and early 1980s because of the existence of these problems in the 20th century 7, which made China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. At that time, Mr. Li Hua, who was the director of the printmaking department of the Central Academy of fine arts, proposed to establish the major of silk printmaking, which then spread to other brother colleges and universities. Successive students of silk printmaking went to society, and a new kind of painting, silk printmaking, rose on the land of China. Mr. Guang Jun and Mr. Zhang Guilin from the printmaking department of the Central Academy of fine arts can be said to be the two earliest practitioners in this neighborhood. They have made firm and unremitting efforts in developing the career orientation of Chinese silk printmaking. At the same time, it has also trained a large number of silk engraving talents for the society, many of whom have become active painters in the field of engraving creation, and many of them have spread their firewood in educational posts



Zhang Guilin

the third door god


69 × 48CM

the advent and development of silk engraving in China has enriched the traditional Chinese engraving language and has more modern aesthetic characteristics. For example, in terms of the size of its work, it can obtain eye-catching visual effects by exceeding the size of the first mate of other printmaking types, which is a crooked idea; In the use of color, it can achieve hearty performance with the help of silk printing technology, so that the charm of color can be fully displayed; In terms of shape and structure, it provides a space for printmakers to express themselves freely, so that the "painting" of printmaking language can be reflected incisively and vividly. With the help of scientific printing technology, silk engraving has rapidly become rich and diverse, and has entered all levels of social aesthetics in response to the trend of image transmission characteristics and visual culture expanding but with low control accuracy under modern social conditions

the "first Chinese silk engraving Exhibition" in 2001, jointly organized by the printmaker Committee of the Chinese Artists Association and the China printing and image making Association, is a starting point of century significance. With the gradual improvement of the silk engraving system and the increasing growth and expansion of the silk engraving team, silk engraving with Chinese characteristics will surely go to the world in the near future

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