The factory price of domestic organic PTA on June

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June 7 domestic organic PTA ex factory price

date variety manufacturer ex factory price unit remarks

june 7 PTA Yangzi Petrochemical 7000 yuan/ton may settlement price

june 7 PTA Yangzi Petrochemical 7200 yuan/ton June listing price

june 7 PTA Xianglu Petrochemical 7300 yuan/ton 5 material testing machine development history monthly settlement price

june 7 PTA Xianglu petrochemical 7300 yuan/ton June listing price

June 7 PTA Tianjin Petrochemical 7000 yuan/ton retail retail

june 7 PTA Luoyang Petrochemical 7200 yuan/ton retail

june 7 PTA Zhuhai BP 7200 yuan/ton may settlement price

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is to understand the service life of the testing machine equipment for the purpose of placing the standard force measuring ring on the testing machine to transmit more information, It does not mean that we agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents. This is also the first time that Mercedes Benz uses plastic structural parts as part of the load in the air filter

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