Three key points of developing green printing

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Brief analysis; When it comes to printing, people will think of China. In history, China was the inventor and promoter of printing, with a history of thousands of years. Today, we are one of the three major bases of the global printing industry

every day we turn over various printed books, newspapers and other reading materials. Sometimes when we read a newspaper, our hands are covered with black. We can't help hesitating. How much harm does such reading material do to human body

teaching materials are the most exposed to teenagers. However, most of the current teaching materials are printed with non environmental protection related products. If they are not handled properly, benzene homologues, heavy metals, aromatics and other harmful substances in ink and adhesives will enter children's bodies through contact. In view of these cumulative injuries, the implementation of green printing is urgent

after sober thinking, I found that the wish is beautiful, and the realization of the prospect may be more tortuous than expected. The printing industry was once "After Yinxi technology entered the new energy industry chain, it considered it the least environmentally friendly industry. So far, it has not reversed this negative image. Most small enterprises have backward machines and poor technology, and are known as black sheep in order to survive. But first of all, there is a special phenomenon in China's printing industry, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the latest statistics, there are 100000 printing enterprises in China, of which 10000 are small and medium-sized enterprises.

The gross output value of printing in China is increasing year by year, but it still faces many practical problems. For a long time, China has been heavily dependent on imported equipment, insufficient technological innovation ability, and the overall quality of employees is low. These problems have hindered the development of the printing industry in China

in terms of enterprise investment, at present, green printing is regarded as a new development opportunity by printing consumables and equipment manufacturers. The application of nano green plate making technology and the research and development of water-based ink, UV ink and other new inks that meet environmental protection requirements are all signs of vigorously developing green printing

according to the current situation in China, the implementation of green printing should focus on the following three key points:

first, in the selection of paper products, it is recommended that publishing units use paper products certified by the international forest sustainable system

II. In the process of printing, it is required to use environmental friendly ink, that is, ink products with China environmental label certification

III. in the post press process, the textbook printing plant affiliated to the publishing house is required to refer to the national environmental protection adhesive standard

from these three aspects, it can be seen that in order to realize green printing, the cost should be based on the sterilization temperature adopted in actual production to pretreat the gasket. The registered capital of small and medium-sized enterprises is no more than 100000, and some are even lower. Their annual profits can cover the high cost of environmental friendly adhesives from paper to ink to post printing. Is the difference between experimental methods and internal structure different, What's more, to realize green printing, we must not only pay for these environmentally friendly materials. Just imagine how many such enterprises can bear the green revolution? Environmental protection textbooks can be covered in three years. How long does it take to realize green printing

in order to build a China full of green grass and spring, let us join hands to shake off the hat of big polluters and embark on the road of energy conservation, environmental protection and green. Make the production process more energy-saving and low-carbon, make the production raw materials more green and environmentally friendly, and make the printing work environment more harmless and healthy. Accelerate the construction of green printing in China and strive to become a printing power

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