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When decorating, we are all thinking about how to spend the least money to decorate for the best effect. However, for some owners who do not know about decoration, this psychology will let them fall into the decoration trap instead. Then here are some precautions for you in the early stage of decoration, so that you can see through the greasy things hidden in the decoration expenses at a glance

first, check whether the detailed process practices are written in the budget book

many decoration companies only have simple project names, material varieties, prices and quantities in the budget books for consumers, but there are no key process practices. You need to ask the designer to include the process method in the budget, or make a detailed description of the process method of each project in the budget. Because the specific construction technology and procedures are directly related to the construction quality and cost of home decoration. There are many uncertainties in the budget without process practices, which will bring many future problems to the future construction and acceptance, and will also open the door for a few irregular decoration companies to cut corners and make rough products

second, check whether the construction area reported by the decoration company is accurate

some decoration companies will deliberately overstate the construction area in the budget to obtain higher profits. Especially on the wall, a few decoration companies will over report the painting area. Generally, the ratio of the ground to the wall of a space is 12.4 to 12.7, and some decoration companies even report to 13.8! In addition, according to the previous practice, 50% of the door and window area is included in the painting area. In fact, at present, many families pack doors and windows, so there is no need to paint around the doors and windows, but some decoration companies still include 50% or even 100% of the wall painting area

Third, see if there are unreasonable charges

some decoration companies will add some items such as mechanical wear and tear fees, site management fees, taxes and profits to the decoration contract, which are actually unreasonable charges. Mechanical wear and tear is inevitable in decoration, and on-site management is what decoration companies should do. In fact, these two costs have been amortized into each project, and should not be claimed from consumers. According to the principle of who operates and who pays taxes, the taxes of decoration companies should not be paid by consumers. Calculating the profit separately is the previous calculation method of public building decoration quotation. At present, the decoration company has amortized the profit into each construction, so it should not be calculated repeatedly

IV. record the brand and model of materials in detail

be sure to carefully record the brand and model of materials used for decoration, so that consumers have a standard in their mind when determining whether the materials are qualified, and if they do not indicate the brand and model of materials, how can decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. And the decoration company shoddy, decoration owners have no basis to require the decoration company to redo, causing losses to themselves

v. estimate the decoration related costs

1. Material costs

after the designer draws the drawings, the owner will calculate the material costs. The owner needs to make a rough estimate of the material cost according to his economic ability. First, control the total price, and then ask the price in the market. The owner first lists the list of materials, and then runs to the building materials market to calibrate the approximate price of each material. The owner must not be afraid of trouble. At least run to three building materials markets, and basically run to three building materials markets, so that the owner can understand the approximate price of materials, so as not to be fooled by building materials manufacturers

2. Labor cost

the total labor cost can be obtained by multiplying the daily salary of each worker by the number of people and days. This owner can bargain with the decoration company

3. Design fee

in order to save money, some owners do not invite designers and want to save design fees. However, if the house does not have a good design, it is easy to have problems in the construction process, and problems will have to be reworked, which will instead cost more money. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a good designer, and the design fee must not be saved. When choosing a designer, the owner should not believe the design drawing given by the designer, because you don't know whether it was designed by him. The owner can talk more about his design concept, past design cases, etc. from the conversation, we can see whether the designer has a deep foundation

4. Management fee

management fee refers to the expenses required by the decoration company to send cars, send people to help buy materials, enter the site to supervise the work, and coordinate all aspects when decorating for the owner. This fee can also be coordinated and discussed with the decoration company





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