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Today, Ms. Lin of Wuchang home decoration consulting Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian "my home is only 60 square meters, how to decorate it?" A house, even if it is only 50 or 60 square meters, can also carry people's desire for home. Although the space here is small, "five internal organs" should be complete, so the decoration of small houses in Wuhan has become a headache. However, there are tricks in life everywhere. As long as we master the secrets of decoration, small houses can also perform infinitely wonderful. Next, Wuhan Yuanzhou decoration teaches you to make full use of small house decoration

v. small space should be "dynamic"

Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian reminds: the smaller the house type, the more emphasis should be placed on the dynamic space, otherwise it will become monotonous. One aspect of "moving" is to make a sense of hierarchy, which can be made by color. For example, making an article on the color of the wall and matching the depth and depth can bring a sense of visual difference to people. In addition, you can also try to make a local ceiling, which can not only hide the lines, but also create a visual sense of varying heights; Another aspect of "moving" is that space should have a sense of flexibility. Glass is one of the "magic weapons". The ingenious use of glass can not only make up for the lack of lighting, but also make the space rich in changes. Similarly, soft partitions made of gauze curtains and shutters will also make the cabin full of flexibility

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