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The decoration pattern from product display to scene matching perfectly demonstrates the ultimate pursuit of Laoka's overall wardrobe for fashion life. Pursue perfect artistic design, and match the environmental decoration with elegant, charming and gentle products

the overall wardrobe of Laoka has been based on the customized furniture market at home and abroad for ten years to customize fashion and create luxury. The modern factory of Laoka wardrobe is designed and planned according to the international first-class modern production factory standard. The main workshop of Laoka wardrobe is arranged by multiple automatic production lines, so that the planned production, logistics and transportation, warehousing and delivery are all arranged according to the optimized production organization mode of Shule company, reaching the industry's first mode. At the same time, Laoka wardrobe factory has a production supporting capacity of 1billion, which can meet the needs of long-term development of enterprises

first, unruly secular Lockhart wardrobe and fashion peers

Lockhart wardrobe from product display to scene matching decoration pattern, a perfect interpretation of Lockhart's ultimate pursuit of fashion life. The pursuit of perfect artistic design, with elegant, charming and gentle products matching the environmental decoration, provides customers with an immersive life scene experience, and allows customers to have closer contact with products. In the store of Laoka, you will be surprised to find that the decoration of wardrobe can be so beautiful, and life can be so artistic

second, put the color of China labor card wardrobe in line with art

labor card wardrobe exquisite technology, provide the best quality wardrobe products. The real good quality should be that the years flow and the lead is washed away, but the style is still the same. Every detail of life is a kind of enjoyment and a process of pursuing perfection. Each component of Laoka wardrobe is a detailed and vivid sculpture, each texture is like a fine oil painting, and every sound of the sliding cabinet door seems to be a beautiful note

lacca wardrobe brings not only high-quality products, but also romantic and warm art of life. Laoka wardrobe is committed to setting the benchmark of artistic life for the industry





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