Big brands of Shantui loaders have no fault in 300

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Big brand of Shantui loaders: 3000 hours of trouble free

big brand of Shantui loaders: 3000 hours of trouble free

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ha Yi thermal power plant is located in Qunli New District, Harbin city. It is the first thermal power enterprise in Northeast China that integrates international advanced technologies such as "smoke tower integration, bypass free desulfurization and denitration and GIS high-level layout"

2017, Shantui's first sl50wn loader began to show its talents here. It has been working for nearly 3000 hours and is in good condition. This is a long wheelbase product with sufficient strength and speed. Its configuration is industry-leading. "Powerful, fast, efficient, basically trouble free, comfortable to operate, the drivers like to drive this car. In addition, the service master is very dedicated, and the equipment maintenance is very timely, which greatly ensures our operation progress." Captain Hou, the head of equipment management, praised Shantui loader and after-sales service

due to the needs of production operations, the unit added new equipment again in 2018. With good use feedback and after-sales support, the second sl50wn loader of Shantui was successfully delivered

at the end of 2018, the sd23 bulldozer of Shantui, a big country, was successfully settled. The users were very happy from top to bottom, and finally had a good guy who could make great efforts. According to captain Hou, everyone has always known that the bulldozer is the leader in the industry, with the highest quality and reliability. It should be the first choice. However, due to the limited unit budget a few years ago, the opportunity for cooperation between the two sides was missed. From now on, the operation task can be guaranteed

due to the high failure rate of the original equipment of the unit, it has basically retired to the second line, and the 3 taishantui equipment soldiers will become the main force of coal yard operation in the future. Shantui Heilongjiang area will cooperate with the agency company to actively provide logistics support for customers and achieve win-win cooperation

we will try our best to find and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the use of users in a timely manner.

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