China's corrugated packaging market has entered th

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China's corrugated packaging market has entered the era of post merger and reorganization

in January 2011, the Swiss boster group completed the acquisition of Shanghai Xuheng Iron Machinery Co., Ltd. now it has been difficult to really open China's corrugated packaging market in the face of local low-cost product competition; Not long ago, Mr. Xu Zhilin, general manager of Wuxi Nanjiang, a leading domestic packaging machinery manufacturer, told the author that he would soon carry out strategic cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and become a member of it. In Mr. Xu's view, this cooperation will be a new start for Wuxi Nanjiang to participate in the world stage competition as a national brand

judging from the industry exhibitions in recent years, it is not difficult for careful people in the industry to find that China's corrugated packaging industry has shown two major development trends: overseas giants have accelerated the layout of the Chinese market. At the beginning of development, many overseas enterprises are often trapped in the challenge of local simple and cheap products and are difficult to make achievements. Now they choose to cooperate with local brands to occupy the Chinese market; After the initial capital accumulation and subsequent rapid development, a large number of excellent enterprises began to stand out, expand the high-end market and enter overseas. In the author's opinion, mergers and acquisitions are an important symbol of any market's maturity and the road to China's strength through earthquake resistance. In recent years, China's corrugated packaging industry has ushered in a more mature growth stage after experiencing exploration, disorder and primary competition

development is an eternal topic for enterprises. However, how to develop? How to develop? Where is the development direction? These are the topics that every enterprise pays attention to. In an interview a long time ago, Zheng Hua, chairman of Xuheng iron industry, said that Xuheng, as a domestic post press manufacturing enterprise, chose to cooperate with boster, armed itself with the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and achieved a leap in the quality of the company's products

in the interview, chairman Zheng Hua talked about the acquisition of Xuheng iron workers by boster. Chairman Zheng Hua believes that the acquisition is not an annexation. On the contrary, through the acquisition of Xuheng iron workers, they can arm themselves through boster's technology and, in the final analysis, serve the Chinese market. On the issue of domestic competition in the same industry, chairman Zheng Hua said: if you are always worried about others competing with you, it is meaningless, because it is useless for you to worry. On the contrary, only through benign competition can everyone be promoted, which is the best

as for the cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, president Xu of Wuxi Nanjiang also believes that he will draw a new situation for the development of Wuxi Nanjiang with the strong support of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. In the interview, president Xu told the author: our cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation will use their advantages to realize the better development of Wuxi Nanjiang in the field of paper bag packaging. President Xu said that after making a very broad definition of plastic with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Wuxi Nanjiang will become the leader in the bag making machine industry in two years

according to President Xu, the goal of Wuxi Nanjiang is not only to create more and better equipment products, but to stand on the highest stage in the world on behalf of Chinese national brands. The strong alliance with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is the best choice, and it is also the inevitable choice of Wuxi Nanjiang as a mature enterprise

as the protagonist in the acquisition of Xuheng iron works, boster group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of packaging, printing and post press processing machinery, has been engaged in business in China for many years and has been active in China's packaging and printing industry. However, its good and expensive products have been blocked by low-cost products in China. Choosing the contract with Xuheng iron works will undoubtedly be a strategic breakthrough for it to explore the Chinese market. In the interview, boster's corrugated die-cutting/flexographic product manager in Greater China talked about how the customer needs of the Chinese market are different from those of other regional markets. He told the author: each market must have its different characteristics. The potential of the Chinese market is great and there are many suppliers in the same industry. For boster, we like competition. Only benign market competition can keep the enterprise improving

as for boster's products, he said: in the Chinese market, customers' impression of boster seems to be two words: good and expensive. Good is the affirmation of boster products. On the other hand, the price of boster products is really expensive. In view of this, we are currently building a diversified product line

the changes in China's corrugated market are necessary for a mature market. Any mature enterprise will not be afraid of competition or refuse to share. For a mature market, mergers and acquisitions are painful and transformation. We welcome more and more bosters to bring more and better equipment and technology, We will also carry the national flag to the world stage and welcome and encourage more and more Wuxi Nanjiang people

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